Imperial Issues

Hello my lovelies!

Here’s a question for you: who else has cringe-cards?

Cards you just don’t gel with, you don’t like and you don’t want to see cropping up in your spreads…

Mine is The Emperor – now I am sure a lot of this has to do with my experiences with male authority figures in my life, but often it is the artwork! I find very few Emperors out there that do NOT make me cringe.

So I count myself lucky that I have gotten two decks in the last few months where I can look at the Emperor card and think yes, I can work with these:

Both the Ostara and the Sasuraibito deck have Emperors I can like, maybe even come to love.

Unfortunately, my all time favourite Emperor lives in a deck I can not work with as we just don’t get along (not saying whose fault that is!): The Mary-El Tarot.

So – do you own a deck with a loveable Emperor? Tell me about it!

Or do you have another cringe-card?

I want to hear about it!!!



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