Enchanted Spellboard

2F463B55-4FA5-4677-9A85-D65DA8225313.jpegThis beautiful Spellboard, designed by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber (the Tarot Power-couple ☺️), looks SO much friendlier then a traditional Ouija board!

Most of us have goofed around with this concept at some point in our teenage years. Either on a “proper” board or with cut-out numbers and letters and an upturned glass.

“Is there anyone there?” We would say.

I shudder even writing that down now! It is the equivalent of leaving all your windows and doors wide open, all night, for anyone to come in and take what they want. I don’t know where you live, but in my neighbourhood, some unsavoury characters would abuse that hospitality for sure…

I am not saying Daemons would come and possess you – but I do believe a lot of Spirits and lost souls, not having found a way to move on, are stumbling around in our realms. These unfortunates would jump at an invitation like that!

Luckily, this particular spiritboard comes with a very comprehensive user-guide to ensure safe and responsible use. From grounding rituals, protective prayers and how to attract the “right” kind of Spirit, to preparing your questions and obtaining your answers – everything is provided.14F82FFA-9D44-46AD-B181-1546B1B54CC0.jpegThe board itself is an undeniable beauty – colourful and with so much options/information contained on it that it is a little overwhelming! It comes with a small plastic planchette to move around the board (well, Spirit is supposed to move it, so don’t secretly push it, you!). C727E97C-D48A-477A-8AAF-7279A6711767.jpegA “Magical Message Indicator” they call it. Makes me laugh a little.

On the board you find everything from the obvious “yes” and “no” (and here also “maybe” and “question”) to the alphabet, zodiac signs, Goddesses, trees, crystals,… but not the expected “hello” and “goodbye”. Some people find that a problem, as they are unsure wether or not they have closed down the contact properly – but there are very clear instructions on that in the guide book.53BAC38E-E0BF-4BC7-B6C6-F984A26C08DA.jpegI guess anything will look pretty and non-threatening if you decorate it with enough butterflies! The board has the same type of textured-collage-type appearance as the Amy Zerner/Monte Farber Enchanted Tarot, for those of you who are familiar with that deck.

Anyhow, now we get to what you REALLY want to know: DOES IT WORK?!?

So here’s what happened when I tried it out: Nothing! For a very long time: Nothing at all. I had asked to speak to one of my Spirit Guides, and nearly 40 minutes in I was ready to give up. Then… the slightest tremor! And ever so slowly the planchette began to creep forward (I refuse to call it a Magical Message Indicator! Maybe I can call it an MMI).

So, the MMI moves slowly accross the board and it looked like it was headed for the letter “X” – when it got there, it seemed to stick, a feeling like pulling magnets apart, but then it moved on and landed on the word “unknown” – I felt maybe my question had not been specific enough. I now asked for the name of the Spirit I was connecting with. The MMI (still slow and reluctant) moved again and stopped, smack bang in the middle between the letters “R” and “S”! No idea which one it was aiming for. Then it moved to the “i”…. then NOTHING. All the tension was gone, nothing moved and it was obvious the session was over. Like the lights going on in the theatre after the final curtain call.

So sorry if this is a disappointment to you, but I guess I was lucky anything happened at all! Monte Farber himself says he can not do it alone, without other people participating as it takes their combined energy to keep things going… I must say I was exhausted as well, and my wrists hurt really badly. I would like to try it with the right kind of people (@Tigertarot move to Belgium!!!).

Interesting note: Scout did not want to stay off the board, he kept sniffing at the “x” where the MMI had first halted ( X marks the spot as they say), making a sound somewhere in between a growl and a purr… make of that what you will!2F463B55-4FA5-4677-9A85-D65DA8225313Tarotmum13 Xxx


  1. Ha ha! Not sure if having a go on your Spellboard would be enough to convince the whole family we need to move to Belgium! Does sound very interesting though! Scout must have picked up on something.


    1. No haha probably not!!! I will go making far-away friends… yes, Scout got all weird when I was taking the board out for pictures earlier too: either slinking around belly to the floor or jumping sideways with all his fur standing on-end!!!


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