Let me introduce myself!

Hello there!

You look amazing today! Is that a new haircut? I am so glad you could make it, so let me tell you a little about myself:

My name is Tania and I currently live in Belgium with my darling daughter Maya and my black beauty Scout. My heart still lives in Scotland though, where I lived for nearly 18 years before moving back here.

So, what do you need to know about me? Just a single mum trying to take life one day at a time; I am a Spoonie – it’s a word, you can look that up –  (I do battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME; fibromyalgia) so that complicates things…

I have been playing around with Divination-tools for over 2 decades – Tarot, Oracle, Runes, Pendulum, Spellboard,… you name it, I have dabbled! But I identify as a Tarot-mum (meaning a mum who reads tarot but also I want to take care of all your tarot-needs). Hence the “Tarotmum13” name-tag – the “13” does NOT mean there are 12 others out there, that’s just my lucky number!

My crystal collection is also not to be sniffed at – I love crystals in all shapes and sizes and use them for Healing, meditation, focus or just to enhance my Tarot-spreads.

Other than that I am an avid reader, seriously, I get withdrawl symptoms if I don’t read for more than a day or two and you will find me in the pantry – reading the labels on jam-jars and peanut butter!

My favourite book is Salt on our Skin by Benoîte Groult or Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, depending on which way the wind blows.

Musically I worship at the altars of the Divine Tom Waits and the Delightfully Devilish Nick Cave.

I love Tarot, art, nature, crystals, food, books, music, film, books, Magick, Divination, books, animals, Trollbeads, family, candles, books, incense and YOU! (In no particular order) – hope to speak to you soon, have a lovely day! Xxx



Disclaimer: All Spells are for inspirational purposes – there are no garanties! Also, please do NOT substitute crystals, herbs or spices for proper medical care – if you are sick, see a doctor! These are additional support systems, not intended to replace any medicines you need to take 💖


  1. I’ve actually just started my blog a few days ago too. And I read tarot, and I am a mum! I am a full time working mum and just struggle to get the time to build up the damn framework for my page haha

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  2. Hello Modermysticmother!!! Very nice to meet you! We seem to have a lot in common – I had started on tumblr first but decided to move over here. So I gad some articles ready plus I am on holidays just now. That’s the only reason I have had so much done. When I go back to work next week I will not have so much time anymore. Hard work being a working mummy, isn’t it? Xxx


    1. What do you do for work? OMG it is so damn hard to do everything, to *be* everything for everyone, all of the time. I find it super exhausting anyway, especially when there are so many individuals with so many unnecessary requests and demands/commands. LOL at least there is the ability and time for always free flowing energy for laughter.

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      1. I am a social worker by trade, but at the moment I am just working in a primary school doing admin and logistics. Just had summer holidays but start again tuesday. Dreading it as I had a severe flare-up of my chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia related pain! Going part-time for a little while… so hard combining work with being a single mum! Yes, laughter is the best medicine 😉


        1. Holy crap! The similarities, and yet the slight differences!
          I am a high school teacher, I am formally trained in English, text and writing but am currently working as an industrial arts (timber, metal, engineering, TAS) teacher. I’m in the southern hemisphere and timing is a bitch because week 4 has just finished (we’re in term 3) and my type 1 diabetes is knocking me all over the yard. I can’t regulate my BGL’s as I used to, which impacts my ability to cognitively function and communicate. I can’t afford to go part time so I must “do all of the things”. I have my husband who will help me in any way that I ask, but I don’t have the time/energy to “figure that shit out” (plan/divine the future) whilst simultaneously doing everything that I do in the present (not make careless mistakes). BAH CATCH 22.
          I would love to learn more about your chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I don’t know what that second one is.

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          1. Ooh yes, lots of similarities!!! Sounds hard for you as well. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome existing of lots of different symptoms – a lot like chronic fatigue syndrome but with specific pressure points for pain. They both cause exhaustion and fysical fatigue that doesn’t ease after rest, and both give you “brainfog” or fibro-fog – memory problems, difficulty remembering words etc. I have a lot of joint- and muscular pain as well. I can’t really afford part time either but the social work system in Belgium is quite good and I get additional benefits for the period that I will be working half days xx


  3. Is that something that you are born with? Or is “dormant” until one day its activated? (Like type 1 diabetes you’re essentially born with it and it’s a matter of a stress trigger that activates it. Usually happens in childhood, I was diagnosed age 30). Or is it something that develops gradually over time?

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    1. No, you can be pre-disposed, it can run in the family (some of my siblings have it too, or similar auto-immune illnesses) but no you are not born with it. A lot of research is still being done! I know for me I was totally fine until about 12 years ago – I got what at the time seemed like bad flu, and just never recovered. After 3 years excluding every other condition I was given the label of CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyeltitis). I followed some cognitive behavioural therapy, learned all about “pacing” myself and hobbled through life as best I could – lots of ups and downs. Recently I got a major fall-back with severe and lasting pain and the docs decided I now have Fibro as well… it can’t be cured, nobody understands exactly where it comes from. Hopefully research will find out more in future xx


      1. How much do you “believe in” astrology? I ask because you mention you were fine until “about 12 years ago”. It may be worth checking out your natal chart and the transits that were occurring at the time. I’ve found that medical astrology (a tool to only be used in hindsight) can be beneficial to determine just how serious and “damned complicated” or whatever an ailment or predisposition to an illness may be. Essentially the harder it is to identify the “cause or root” of the transit in the chart mirrors the difficulty of finding “the right treatment for proper healing”. If that makes sense.
        I’d love to see the chart! But accurate astrology data is really private so I don’t expect you to send anything.

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          1. Would you mind sharing your birth date, time and location with me? And also a rough date, time and location (if different to birthplace) from when you started having these issues? (12 years or so, you said)

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            1. I don’t mind at all!! 11.50am – 5th of April 1074 in Reet (Antwerp), Belgium. I moved to Aberdeen, Scotland in 1999 and the first time I got so sick must have been 6 years later. So it is actually nearer 13 years…. So yes, I would say it was end of November, 2005….5am! I was working nightshift in a children’s home and came down with the mother of all headaches and flu like symptoms. Was practically bedridden for 3 months – from then on it has been a series of ups and downs (except when pregnant with Maya – I was fine then!) xxx


    1. Lol I know. I know. But honestly this thing that’s happening now in my life and shit, there is a lesson in every mistake, and if that is true then mistakes happen for a reason. And allows for more opportunities to experience divine intervention. And it means something different to every person. For you, if you are embarrassed youd be more careful with what you type. Because I’ve been looking more into astrology and specifically past life astrology I was wondering if your typo revealed something hidden about you? Omg I think too deep about shit lol I really am intense and also completely flippant as I appear. Hahaha

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