Simple Tarot Spells

A Blessed day to all of you!

Did you know that Tarot is a wonderful tool to help you in your Spell-work? I want to share this “Inducing Remorse”-spell I wrote just for you, to show you how easy it can be to include Tarot in your Magick:

Have you ever been unfairly treated by someone who fails to repent for the hurt they have caused?

Well, here is a way you can help them become more aware of the consequences of their actions!

This is NOT dark Magick, you are NOT punishing them – well, maybe it is just a tiny bit wicked but in the end it will serve the Greater Good. After all, this world will be a better place if they stop hurting people!

This is what you need:

A fire-proof bowl, dish, abalone shell or cauldron

Some paper and a pencil

Some incense or sage

The golden triangle of crystals (clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst) – not essential but they will help keep the vibrations high and balance your energy (plus they look so pretty!) You can really use any crystal you have that you feel attracted to, there are no wrong choices here!

A candle

A small jar with lid

Your deck of cards

First, set up your Sacred Space. This will set the scene and get you in the mood for some awesome Spell-Work.

Make sure you have a clean space to work in, so give your table a little wipe!

We are using fire, so your bed is really not the right setting to conduct this spell…

Arrange your crystals if you have them, light your candle and as you do, imagine it’s light and warmth enveloping you.

Now, take your pencil and paper and concentrate on the person who has done you wrong. Write down their name and the harm they caused you.Put the paper on the table in front of you and take out your Tarot cards.

Now, I want you to look through your cards and find a card that reminds you of the perpetrator, then find a card you feel represents you. Don’t over-think this process, go with your gut feeling.

Put these cards on either side of your piece of paper.

Now find the Justice card and hold it in your hands.

Recite the following Spell:

“As Above, So Below – what you did, your dreams will show – all the hurt you’ve done to me, will revisit you times three – as your conscience re-awakes, you will feel the toll it takes – no more harm will you want to do, now you know it comes back to you!”

Replace the paper with the Justice card, light the piece of paper and burn it in your fire-proof dish. Please be careful my darling Witchlings!

When the ashes have cooled, put them in your little jar and screw the lid on tight.

Now burn some incense or sage to clear any negative energy from your work area. Say the following:

“No harm is done, things were set right – blessed day and blessed night”

Now blow out your candle and take the jar – if you can spread the ashes somewhere near the perpetrator’s house, that would be great! If this is not possible then just take it away from your house and either empty the ashes on to the wind or in to the water, they will find their way… No littering!! Take your jar home and give it a good wash – it can be re-used for your next Spell!

The person you put the spell on will soon start to feel the sting of their guilty conscience, in their dreams they will keep seeing how they have hurt you and the shame will haunt them until they feel genuine remorse!

They might think twice next time… and that is what you wanted!!!

Happy Witching!!! Xx


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