The Dreaming Way Tarot

A quick look at this, dare I say it, “controversial” deck, most people either love it or hate it – I say: depends if I am in the mood for it!

This deck, from the mind of Rome Choi with illustrations by Kwon Shina, is beautifully evocative but the surreal imagery is not for everyone.

I find this deck works well for Dreamwork (so I guess it is aptly named), meditation or reading for children, but not so good for clear, decisive action-planning, accurate divining or really focussed questions.

The deck itself is of good quality.

The tuck-box is too close-fitting however and it is hard to open without creasing or ripping the flaps. Your deck will fit better if you remove the LWB (which is surprisingly informative by the way!).

The deck is dressed in stunningly washed-down watercolours – blues, greys and creams with splashes of autum russets or sage greens.

I also love the bright green snake-skin style backs.

All the figures in the cards are wearing an ecclectic mish-mash of clothes – somewhere between folklore and futuristic, gothic and dandy… both modern and oldfashioned at the same time. I can appreciate the artistry but find them a bit distracting!

Here are some pictures for you to peruse!

The Majors:

The Cups:

The Wands:

The Swords:

The Pentacles:

These are my favourite cards from the deck:

And this is the card I struggle with most:

I mean, really!!! I can’t do anything with a sad looking goof wrapped with twine and a theepot tied to her head!

Maybe you can… I will blame it on my lack of imagination!

What is your opinion on this deck?

Could you work with it?

Let me know, I would love to hear from you! Xxx


NOTE: the reason why the above card bothers me so much is that my Spirit Guide identified himself to me as The Page of Cups – I know he has to be taken with a pinch of salt, and he can be capricious – but I just couldn’t take him seriously at all dressed like this! I always pay extra attention when the Page of Cups shows up in my personal readings but he never speaks to me when I use this deck!

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