Colour your own Tarot deck

A very good afternoon to all you beautiful folks out there!

Today I want to have a look at the “Create your own tarot deck” pack by Alice Ekrek 😊

I originally bought this because my little girl was so interested in my cards, she wanted a set of her own.

Now, 4-year-old fingers are grubby and grabby, so I won’t let her play with my Tarot decks unsupervised! Then I came accross this book and I thought: Why not?

It is a fun and relaxing way to learn about Tarot, and you end up with a very useable Rider-Waite style deck that is unique to you. Because you have looked at the cards in such detail whilst colouring them in and you have spent so much time with them, you will have a strong connection with these cards and they will work well with your energy!

The book has coloured examples of all the cards (but of course you can colour them any way you like!) and also some brief but informative interpretations.

I highly recommend this set to give as a gift to an aspiring Tarot Reader, they will thank you for it! (Unless they abhore colouring that is!)

It took me a while to pop-out and colour in all the cards, my daughter was excited to follow my progress and happy every time a card was finished 😛

Now, I am no hero with a marker, so don’t judge, but I am still pleased with the results. So much so that I still cringe whenever Maya wants to play with them haha!

You can pick up this set fairly cheap online (I got mine via The Bookdepository) – this set also comes with a different cover, but inside it is identical: Happy colouring people!

PS: As these cards do not come with a box to keep them in, why not try making something yourself? To keep in line with the MYO theme…4DDFCC57-9C17-443C-B412-7A0ABA3155F2.jpeg

5E59DCB1-1204-416D-93B6-8949660D9896.jpegTarotmum13 xxx

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