Storytelling for Tarot-Lovers

C85C059E-8CB7-4889-A3BE-5DFB93880330.jpegLast night my 4 year old daughter wanted a story at bedtime. “But use my cards, Mummy!”, she insisted, handing me the Tarot deck I had coloured in for her a while ago (see: “Colour your own Tarot deck”).

”You always say the cards tell the story of your life, I want them to tell me about Cinderella’s life!”

I wasn’t sure how this was going to work. I had made up stories from the cards as they appeared in a spread before, but would it work for a fictional character, in a story Maya already knew, so I couldn’t deviate from the storyline?

We gave it a go, and guess what? It worked beautifully!

One by one every card I pulled added a little piece to the puzzle. Here is a recap of the story, as told by Maya’s Tarot cards:F502515C-A0F8-461D-8137-4FACD1BCA880.jpegD7430E8B-F4D4-46E7-AC46-C041CDDC080A.jpegThe 6 of Cups: There once was a girl called Cinderella, who lived a blessed life – she had parents who loved her and they lived in a beautiful house with a lovely garden. Life was good, but as so often happens in fairytales, disaster struck…

The Tower: Cinderella’s Mum got very sick and passed away. Her father remarried but Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters treated her very badly. Then, to make things even worse, her Daddy passed away too! Poor Cinderella was left alone with her stepmum and her two horrible stepsisters. Her life fell appart and she felt like she would NEVER be happy again…

The 10 of Wands: They made Cinderella work very hard. She had to cook and clean, scrub and sew, carry and fetch,… all to look after her mean old stepmum and very unkind stepsisters! But they were never happy with her work…

00BE3DBB-D130-4904-91E1-36DC6C3AF68A.jpegThe Page of Cups: One day, a messenger came to town. He told everyone that the Prince was giving a huge ball and ALL the girls in the country were invited! The Prince was going to choose one girl at the ball to be his bride.

The 8 of Swords: Cinderella felt trapped. She knew she could not go to the ball. Her stepmum would NEVER let her go, and even if she sneaked out, she didn’t have anything to wear! What ever could she do? She hung her head and big tears rolled down her dirty cheeks.

The Star: As Cinderella was crying, a beautiful fairy appeared – the fairy told Cinderella she could make all her wishes come true! She magicked up a carriage from a large pumpkin, some horses from the family dogs and a driver and page-boy from some little mice who lived in the pantry. Then, she turned Cinderella’s dirty old clothes in to a beautiful dress. “You SHALL go to the ball!” the fairy told Cinderella!

0BED474D-F287-4257-AC12-FCCAD3C30FB0.jpegThe 3 of Cups: Cinderella was very happy that she could attend the biggest party in the country. She laughed and danced, had a little wine, and had a lovely time.

The 2 of Cups: The Prince noticed Cinderella and he came over to talk to her. They liked eachother very much and the Prince thought to himself: “This is the girl I want to marry!” (Cinderella was no mind-reader though, or the story might have ended right there and then!).

The 5 of Swords: But as midnight approached, Cinderella remembered that the fairy had said all the Magick would disappear at the stroke of 12. She didn’t think the Prince would still like her if she looked poor and filthy again, so she sneaked off when the Prince wasn’t looking and hurried back home.

8F15E3BC-6ABB-42FD-B9CF-7B5A084E9ABE.jpegThe 5 of Coins: Cinderella lost her shoe as she was hurrying down the Palace-steps.  On the way home, Cinderella’s beautiful dress turned back in to her old rags and she looked shabby and dirty once more (great how the woman in the 5 of Coins has no shoes on! Maya loved that little detail…).

The Knight of Cups: The Prince was very upset when he found out Cinderella had run away and he decided to travel up and down the country to look for her. “I WILL find the girl who fits this glass slipper and then I will make her my wife!”, he said.

The 8 of Wands: Messengers were sent out to the far corners of the kingdom: The Prince will marry the girl who can wear the glass slipper! A lot of girls tried, they all wanted to become a Princess and live in a palace (plus the Prince was quite hot!), but none succeeded. Then the Prince and his messengers arrived at Cinderella’s house.

7772C3B6-8299-4C09-9656-926E22B7066A.jpegThe Ace of Cups: As soon as the Prince saw Cinderella slip her dainty little foot in the glass slipper with ease, he knew she was the one. Goes to show a good pair of shoes can get a girl anywhere in life! He declared his love for her right there and then, and he asked her to be his wife – to which Cinderella said “YES!!!” Of course…

The 10 of Cups: And they lived happily ever after…. The End!

At the bottom of the deck there was The Sun, just affirming that everything works out in the end. No matter how bleak things had once looked for Cinderella, now her future was looking bright and sunny!

NEVER STOP BELIEVING!!!810C9066-C66A-4323-BC53-6641150EA8A7.jpegLove,

Tarotmum13 Xxx

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