Indie Oracle Deck: The Messenger Cards

D9F46CFB-2CC3-4CF0-8410-E7254B33F11B.jpegI received a beautiful deck in the mail a little while ago: The Messenger Cards – Guidance from the Animal Spirits (by Sandra Kunz) from (check them out on Etsy people!).

I adore indie Oracle and Tarot decks, so diverse and with lots of beautiful artwork to be discovered! This deck does not disappoint!

The deck arrived beautifully wrapped, in an organza bag, with a comprehensive booklet as a guide. The 43 cards are square with rounded corners on semi-thick cardstock. I adored it right away!I hope you will enjoy the beautiful images too – butterflies and ravens, bison and dragonflies, wolves, bears and spiders,… all ready to impart little gems of wisdom and guidance – Enjoy!!!

Note: Scout (my cat) will NOT leave this deck alone! I have to hide it or he will grab it and drag it away… not sure what that is all about!!!64299A59-D6C0-494F-9E9B-E198092376F8.jpeg


  1. I love the fact that they are square! Maybe that black panther represents one of Scouts ancestors! Lovely images, not so keen on the spider one though! I don’t do spiders, give me a snake over a spider any day! 🤣😊

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    1. Yes, or maybe he wants to catch all the birds and insects…
      I am not a spider fan either, but my REAL nemesis is the wasp!!! Lucky there aren’t any of those in the deck! A bee would have been nice though. I missed a bee-card!

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