The Textured Tarot Review

Yay! Look what just arrived in the mail this morning! šŸ’–

I had been eagerly awaiting this gorgeous, collage-style deck by Lisa McLoughlin (she also has some nice Oracle decks people! Check her out please…).

I am not disappointed, it really is as beautiful as I anticipated.It arrived wrapped in gold tissue paper, with a lovely thank you card, ethereal bodhi leaf and small “Keep Smiling” card – well, I am definitely smiling now!!!

The tuck box is so nice, and plenty big enough to comfortably hold the deck and the (thick!) guide booklet. I love that there is no plastic wrapping!

The cards are very stiff, not ones for rifling!The deck mainly follows the traditional RW-structure. Death, however, has no name – just the number 13. And Judgement has been replaced with the less judgemental Realisation.

I would like to show you my favourite cards from the deck – just LOOK at that Cat who got the Cream!!!I also appreciate how diverse and inclusive this deck is, with different ages, body-shape, race and ability being portrayed:So, first impressions are all positive! I can not say as yet how this will fare as a working deck – keep you updated! Xx

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