Spirit Cats Inspirational Cards

Hello my lovelies!

Today I would like to give you a little peek at the Spirit Cats cards, by Nicole Piar.This little, whimsical deck consists of 48 cards, featuring cute watercolour cats. Every cat comes with their own name and personality, suited to the Inspirational advice they are sharing with you.The square cards are 10cm x 10cm each, protected by a sturdy, close fitting box.

No guidebook needed, all you need to know about how to use the cards is printed inside the lid!

The cards really are all lovely splashes of colour to brighten up your day – to those of you who might say they all get a little “samey” after a while, I shall say this: Can you EVER have enough cats???

Now lets take a closer look at some of my favourite kittens:F2016649-816C-48E3-9837-C14F1051124E0D3C2A95-B2F1-44BE-A9E3-AF75CE82016Eimg_0907

My little girl is a big fan of this deck – I think it would make a lovely, thoughtful gift for anyone who likes to be inspired by some sweet little cats!78234801-BECA-490D-A4E0-40113036ADB1


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