Add a touch of Magick to your day!

We can all use some extra positivity in our lives, can’t we?

Well, what if I were to tell you there is a simple way to add a bit of zing to your day? And it is SO EASY, you’ll be wondering why you weren’t doing this all along…

I am talking about Magick Spells…

Yes! You heard me – Magick! (With an added “k” to distinguish it from stage-magic, the illusions and tricks meant to baffle and confuse us) – And no, you do not have to be a Witch/Pagan/Wiccan/Druid to turn your hand to this kind of Enchantments – It really just boils down to “Spelling” everyday items with INTENT.

You can put a Spell on just about anything you can think of:

You write every appointment down in your diary, but then forget to look at it? Spell your diary with a remembrance spell! You want to feel confident going in to that meeting at work? Spell your lipstick or the coffee in your travel-cup! You want to snack a little less throughout the day? Spell your sandwich to sustain you longer!There really is no limit to the amount of Magick you can surround yourself with.

“How do I do this?”, you ask? Well, you just need to start charging your daily necessities (or luxuries) with the firm, focussed Intention that they WILL have added Magickal properties and benefits.And it is not complicated: hold the item in your hand and think about what you want it to do. Try and formulate things in a CLEAR, ACTIVE, POSITIVE manner (just C.A.P. it ☺️).

For instance, when charging your lipstick (or chapstick, if like me you don’t wear a lot of make-up), hold it in your hands – focus, and say: “I feel confident!” (rather than “Maybe this can make me feel more confident” or “I would like to feel less insecure”). You have basically just spoken an Incantation! An Incantation is any word or series of words spoken with the INTENT of doing Magick. Now, every time you put on that lipstick, you will be reminded of this – Believing is key!

If you are Spelling items for Loved ones rather than for yourself, you would of course refer to them as “you” when placing your intent. You could Enchant your child’s bicycle-helmet, for instance. Say: “You are safe”, then also repeat that to them whenever you are strapping on their helmet to re-affirm your Incantation. Or bewitch the bedding in your hamster’s cage when you are cleaning it with a “You are happy and Healthy” Spell!

That is really all you need to do – if you send these positive affirmations out there, The Universe/Spirit/God/Your Higher Self (or whatever you place your Trust in) WILL receive them, confirm them and radiate them back to you amplified. You basically reap what you sow, attract what you release.

If you want to give your Spelled object an extra little boost, you can leave it with a crystal overnight to enhance it’s vibrations and cleanse it’s energy. A clear quartz or selenite, rose quartz or amethyst are generally good choices. You can choose a more specific crystal for your intended use if you like. I will be posting a simple colour-coded system for choosing the right crystal very soon!It makes sense to Spell your items according to their normal use. It feels logical to Intend your lipstick to make you feel confident, as it was already intended to make you feel better about yourself. If you want to Spell your pillow in to making you feel less hungry, that might be a tad more difficult!

Some things lend themselves exeptionally well to being Spelled, as they have magickal properties already!

Like tea, for instance – the making of tea is a ritual in itself and you can easily stir in some added Magick. You can focus on your intent whilst you are getting your cup ready and the water is boiling, as you pour the water on to the tea, imagine it steaming with your added energy and belief – stir the tea clockwise as you speak your incantation: “I feel calm” or ” My stomach settles” or “We bond over this cup of tea” – whatever you wish.

If you are so inclined, feel free to embellish your Incantation! You could say something like: “As I stir this honeyed-tea, all good things will come to me!” or “Blessed be my daily Tea, may it soothe and nourish me”. Be creative! This is some good old Kitchen-Witch Magick right here!

Tea has the added benefit of you being able to choose the type of tea that will enhance your Spell (chamomile, mint, hibiscus,…). If you are going to make your tea at the office, you can spell your teabag beforehand – you can even write your Spell-word on the label (or draw a Sigil)!Salt (often used to cast protective circles or in purification rituals)  is another magickal ingredient that makes a perfect vehicle for a Spell, along with herbs, spices and oils or things like sugar or honey. All these ingredients absorb psychic energy very well and so are great conduits for your Magickal Intent!

There are also Actions that are perfect for Spell-work: Knitting, crochet or macramé are all about Knot-Magick. Knit your love and affection in to every stitch of that scarf you are making!Writing is a powerful tool, so Spell your pen and paper and you can infuse your essay/project/letter with positive intent.

Sweeping the house is a wonderful opportunity to sweep out old, stagnant, negative energy. So Spell that broom, Witches!!

Lighting a candle or incence is a great way to fill your home with light, warmth and positive vibes.Taking a bath is an unmistakable cleansing ritual. Don’t forget to put a Spell on your bath-salt! Or you can even add some of your Spelled chamomile-tea bags to the water.

Cooking a meal to nourish yourself or your family is the best Magick of all! Sprinkle in the love, pour in the understanding, stir through the support,…

Making preserves is a fantastic opportunity to fill those jars with happiness-jam and canned contentment-peaches, so you will have a supply when you need it the most. Those of you who read the cards, like I do, will already know how important setting the right Intention is to get the desired result! We do this every time we are preparing to lay out a Spread or even pull just one card to reflect on our day.It really is essential to become more aware of how our Intentions, moods and feelings impact on the everyday items we use or the chores we complete. Our energy rubs off on everything we touch, use and create.

Imagine you are preparing your lunchbox and flask of tea in the morning… if you are grumbling away about how badly you slept, how tired you are and how much you do NOT want to go in to work today, then at lunchtime you will be eating bad-mood-sandwiches and drinking bitter resentment-tea! You are basically consuming all that negative energy you were exhaling this morning…

Now be honest, wouldn’t you rather be biting in to a feel-good-sandwich and wash it down with some positivi-tea? I know I would! And I am not even going to apologise for that very obvious pun… 😋

So PLEASE people, BE MINDFULL and spread that Love on thick, my friends!Now, I know we spoke about using POSITIVE language for your Incantations ( I do, I will, I am, I can), but I can think of one or two situations where “I DON’T” might actually be helpful. Spelling your cigarettes with “I don’t need this cigarette”, for example, would certainly be beneficial to both your health and your bank account!

I would like to leave you with a list of items you can enchant and bewitch:

Your lipstick/chapstick/lipgloss/lipbalm – your shampoo, shower-gel, soap, scrub, bathsalts etc. – your diary, wallet, mobile phone, housekeys, pen, notebook,… – your tea, coffee, water, …. – your meals, snacks, sandwiches – your herbs and spices, honey, preserves,… – your pet’s food, water and bedding – your candles, incense, sage,… – your medicines and ointments – your child’s pacifier, milk, favourite stuffed toy or blanket – your bed and pillow – your sweeping brush, cleaning products, washing-up liquid… – there must be 1001 other things you can charm! See if you can think of some more…

Go on! Give it a try and add some Magick to your life!!! Xxx


  1. Omg seriously. This is the stuff I’m trying to learn and incorporate into my every day. I’m such a slow learner (or perhaps thorough) … I’ve started to keep an altar and and learning about ritual. I’m… not really “feminine wisdom” in the head and how I work… I’m more magician than witch… in practice I mean. If that makes sense? Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes, that makes sense! These are some really easy titbits of magick to use throughout your day and it will all help to become more in tune with your intuition… don’t worry about going slow, there is no prescribed pace – don’t force it! Xx


      1. It’s funny because I am often told I dont think or act like “other women” and it’s taken me ages to kind of understand it the way I do now. Its only because I “feel” like a woman… but my mind works like a man. So even though I know a lot of this shit in a very practical way, I cant synthesize it into a new or creative contexts. So I’ve had to go back and be like “so what is an altar? Why do I have to put this thing here and that thing there? Why is this and why is that?” In a way that is completely secular, to separate “the thingy” from any emotional or religious or sentimental attachment. So I can integrate it into my own idea of “spiritual practice”
        Thank you sososos sososo so so much. I hope you continue with this blog and posts just like this one! But also dont feel pressured into “maintaining it for the masses”, allow yourself to only be motivated by your spirit when to post what and why. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aww thank you for your words of encouragement and support!
          You sound like a perfect mix of the High Priestess and the Magician, the Emperor and the Empress – in tarot terms – we all have some of that duality, yin & yang, inside of us – just more pronounced in some! And the ONLY way to enjoy your Spirituality is to make it your own. Do it your way. Nobody can tell you that what you do/feel/think is wrong! Xxx

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Lol seriously. Thank you, again. It is not lost on me, your specific choice of cards. I’m just having a giggle to myself. That yeah, I sure sound wise, but it’s so difficult to just “exist”, I constantly feel like I’m being torn apart from the inside in many different directions, because there is so much… energy? And I don’t have the courage to let go of… anything, because I don’t know what I’m letting go of and which part of me if letting go, and I’m so afraid that I will let go of the wrong thing and it will be lost to me. And no one sees or thinks just the same way that I do so I cannot expect anyone to help me, to tell me the answer. Because with enough time I know I can answer it all (omg I’m sorry it sounds arrogant) but I’m so short on time and that “womans intuition” is telling me that time is running out. I have to make a choice.. my third and final incarnation before it’s all set in stone, and my future will be written… or able to be read. Omg. I’m sorry. I know I’m the world and the fool… sort of. Haha at least some what.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Hugs appreciated! I agree, your mind is capable of so much more than you think! Most people use only a small part of their power. If you can just use that force in a more directed way it will amaze you. Thanks for your kind words! Xx


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