The Earthbound Oracle

Hey everyone, I thought I would give you all a look at the Earthbound Oracle, a small oracle deck by A.L. Swartz ( – also the creator of the Wooden Tarot.

This pocket size 48 card deck is printed on thin, flexible cardstock and very portable! It comes in a simple tuckbox that might need some extra protection if you’re going to have it bouncing around in your handbag.

It is not the most luxurious deck, it even comes with a grammatical error printed on the back of the box (!) – but it is SO appealing and useable, I really wanted to make people aware of it.I have a personal fascination with Pommegranates haha – I once tried some meditation exercises to get to know my Spirit Animal, but at the end of every inward journey, what I found was a Pommegranate! So, there you have it, Pommegranates are my Spirit Animal ☺️.So when I noticed this little beauty, I decided I just had to have this little deck. And I am glad I bought it!

It is meant to be used intuitively, so does not come with a guidebook, but the images and titles are so clear that this really is not a problem. Have a look!All in all a charming, useful little deck that will fit right in to your collection (and your pocket!!) Xx

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