Deck-storage Solutions

I found this old sewing-box at a second-hand shop – great to store some of my Tarot and Oracle decks, as my little drawer was (literally!) bursting at the seams! I am going to give it a good polish, add some stickers to the lid and line the drawers with felt…


  1. Omg! I just remembered you gave me your birth data and I was going to study it. You also gave me your details of the accident and when you moved to Scotland. And you’re back in Belgium now. So… I forgot. I want to know what you would like me to tell you about your birth chart? Because you gave it to me, and it’s certainly interesting but I dont know enough about astrology to just “intuitively know what to tell you”. Lol. It’s not similar to mine. That’s all. Lol
    Ask me a question or give me a direction to go with it.

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    1. I don’t know anything about astrology so I am not sure what to ask haha you said there may be a connection between my birthchart and my chronic fatigue/ pain or something? But listen, Kaliope, it sounds like you are having a really rough time – I would like you to concentrate on yourself hun, please make sure YOU are alright – do not waste your energy on me xxx take care of yourself! 🙏🏼🍀


      1. Omg thank you. I’m actually booked in to have the procedure this Thursday (30 August), it was the earliest they could make it. And yesterday I realised “omg, that’s another day that equals 11. Fuuuuuck aye”
        My hubby says that after Thursday I can start getting back to normal. So… I will endeavour to do the thing next week! Btw I dont remember the diagnoses for your chronic pain? Fibromyalgia or something? Or were the other things too? And when did you move back to Belgium?

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    1. I will, just got the felt last night! I couldn’t believe my luck finding such a large one, and under €30! Part of one foot was broken off but I glued it back on without any trouble 😊


  2. I am sorry you have to go through this. My thoughts are with you xxx
    I was first diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome 12 years ago. I moved back to Belgium in June 2016 after a bad assault by my then partner. Started work in Belgium in oktober 2017 and pretty soon afterwards I had a bad flare-up (extreme tiredness that did not ease with resting, “beain-fog”, memory problems, constant joint pain) that went from bad to worse until I couldn’t work anymore at the end of May 2018. Because there was so much chronic pain increase and specific pain-points in my body the doctors now say I have fibromyalgia as well. I am now back to work part-time but with much difficulty. Xx


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