The Anima Mundi Tarot

Hey everyone, I have been very busy getting back to work, but I want to give you a quick look at the Anima Mundi deck by Megan Wyreweden. The “Anima Mundi” is a concept often referred to in philosophic circles and literally translates as “World-soul” or “Soul of the Universe” – that very force that connects all living beings, the world seen as One Entity, alive and conscious, in wich all other entities are contained and connected. A beautiful thought, and beautifully represented here in this deck filled with plants, animals and natural phenomenons.

Everything about this deck screams quality. I am in love with the cardstock – not too thick so easy to shuffle and such a lovely mat linnen finish! The gilded edging just completes the look beautifully. The reversible backs have a nice moon-and-stars design within a dark brown frame set with a faint flower pattern. The box and little guide booklet are also very nicely made.The thing that was holding me back from purchasing this deck was the not-quite-but-almost pip-style Minor Arcana. Some cards like the 3 or the 10 of Swords are still easily readable. But others, like the 7 of Wands or 4 of Pentacles, might be harder to interpret for beginners – even though they are still beautifully illustrated. I can’t help but feel a little disappointed because I imagine how perfect this deck could be with a fully worked out set of Minors. Having said that, this IS a gorgeous Tarot deck and I am glad I went ahead and bought it.

But lets look at the Major Arcana first:A well chosen selection of plantlife, animals and forces of nature – Homo Sapiens Sapiens being chosen to represent the Devil card makes perfect sense to me, considering the fact that the concept of Good and Evil was a human invention. I also do not believe any other species struggles with the same issues of addiction or unhealthy relationships as we do…

I like the choice of the Hercules Beetle for Strength and the Octopus for the Hermit – not the obvious choices of Lion and Turtle! And the snake shedding it’s skin puts a nice accent on the transformative aspect of Death.

And now for the Minor Arcana, which by the order of the Guidebook, puts the Earthly suit of Pentacles first (well chosen for this particular deck I feel!), followed by Swords, Wands and Cups.My deck arrived pre-shuffled, with some cards reversed. I am not sure if this is the case with all these decks? If someone else has purchased one, please let me know! I quite liked this, the deck felt ready to get to work! And when I asked her to describe herself to me, she replied with The High Priestess and the 8 of Pentacles – so a good mixture of intuition and hard work, knowledgeable but always seeking to hone and improve her skills. I can work with that…As it says in the lid of the box: May the Spirit of the Earth guide your way! Xxx

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