To Talk Tarot, or Not to Talk Tarot…?

Do you advertise your Tarot-mindedness in your day-to-day life? Or do you keep it private and hidden from family and friends for fear of being laughed at or even scolded?

My mum, for instance, being a good catholic god-fearing woman (bless her), shudders at the mere sniff of all things she considers “of the devil” – so I wouldn’t rub her face in my deck of cards. I wouldn’t rub her face in anything lol I respect her too much.

My deck usually travels incognito tucked in my bag…

The only give-aways I carry in my daily doings are my keyring and a necklace!

Sometimes people will notice and ask me about them, then I will tell them about my love for Tarot – if they sniff at that and roll their eyes, it’s a short conversation. I don’t set out to recrute for Team Tarot!

But if they are genuine and want to know more, I will talk their ears off ☺️

Mainly I keep my Tarot-Talk for a few friends, people I read for, people I am helping to develop their skills, some online settings and of course this blog! Do you flaunt your Tarot skills or do you hide your light under a bushel?

I want to hear from you!



  1. I advertise nothing in my day to day. Because everyone likes conservative, non denominational whatever. I would normally wear black or red or skeletons or something “rock and angsty” but hubby wants me to experiment with colour and not always wear that kind of stuff. So at the moment I have no means of self expression in the way I dress. Lol
    But i do have tattoos. 6 of them, and they’re all lines/sigils/symbols/geometric.


  2. Omg and that background stitching thingy. That’s beautiful. And I cant remember where it’s from… its sacred geometry, but I dont remember if it’s from eastern mysticism (like a chakra, or vibration of a sound… or from buddhism or taoism or Hinduism or something) or from Jewish gematria?

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