Autumn is looking good!

My Tarot spread for the upcoming Autumn:I am happy with that!

How I am going in to Autumn: Judgement

1st month of Autumn: Page of Pentacles & Ace of Wands

2nd month of Autumn: Queen of Cups & The High Priestess

3rd month of Autumn: Six of Pentacles & The Star

How I will be coming out of Autumn: Ten of Pentacles

Wishing you all a wonderfull change of the Seasons – shed those old leaves and dress yourself in sumptuous colours Xxx


      1. Work shmork. It looks like you’ve got a good idea that will be able to be capitalised on for some nice pennies. But it will allow you to really consider what it is you really want to do, what will help replenish your soul. Perhaps through tarot and magic. And when you nurture this it will produce a little more coin your way. Keep your eye to the horizon because soon that star will become the bountiful sun, and rain down your physical wealth (money or not, contentment, joy, friendship, health).

        Or I’m just projecting. Because I identify with the queen of cups, and keep getting “high priestess” when i ask about what to do to increase my income. And I’m screaming at the cards going “yeah I know. That’s the dream! What do I do to get there?!” Hahaha.

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