1. Oh my word! Watership Down! I remember seeing that film when I was little, at my sisters, it scarred me for life! All I remember is running out of the lounge & sitting on the stairs crying! 😂😂

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    1. I love reading! Haven’t got enough time just now with feeling so tired and confused due to the fibromyalgia but an old book can be like an old friend – you are familiar with eachother and understand one another, you know what you are getting in to! Any questions about any of the books feel free to ask! Happy reading xx

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        1. Me too! I must confess I sometimes read books on the iPad or listen to an audio-book, because my sore hands and wrists make even just holding a book open painful but nothing beats a flesh-and-bone (well, paper-and-glue) book! If I read a virtual book and I like it, I have to get the actual book afterwards ☺️ I had to leave a lot of books behind moving back to Belgium after 18 years in Scotland – so the ones I still have are extra-precious! Thanks for the hug, I needed that! X

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