How are you feeling?

Earlier today I was feeling decidedly blue…8AB13050-C9F4-465C-90A6-A941A99FA664.jpeg… so I was drawn to Dame Darcy’s Mermaid deck whilst sipping bitter coffee from my blue cup, using watery colours and images.

My little girl (so perceptive and way older than her 4 years on this Earth) pointed out to me that I had put everything together to match how I was feeling. “But Mummy,” she said “I will call this Sunshine on Water (she loves naming a tableau) ~ and when you think of how pretty the sun sparkles on the water, it will make you happy!”

She was right, you know! So tonight I am feeling a mellow sun-set purple 🌄18695D04-1BC0-4EB7-B2B0-D03FC6315612.jpegUsing the Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso and preparing to have some sweet plum-coloured wine – and loving my Moon-gazing Hare chalice by the way!CCCA0C38-C0AB-4EDF-B823-DFDFBF8D3364.jpeg (From Moongoddessgardenart on Etsy)

Do you match your deck to your mood? What’s your favourite combination? Tell me about it!!


UPDATE: this deck has been cut now to look like this:

Ain’t that cute?!? Love it!!

Xxx 5A772FD7-6071-45DF-9922-90A6760FAEC8.jpeg


  1. I use a steampunk tarot deck as I love that era and feel a connection. Currently I’m only doing a one card draw. My mind is too full taking care of Mom to comprehend any more. I think it is funny that we pull out deck when we feel blue and I have done the same. I’ve once read to do your read when your emotions are in check and the cards are not negatively influenced. I’m not sure if there is validation to it and I get have to draw a wrong card. Tarot is fascinating and has guided me well.

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  2. @RhapsodyBoheme Hi, thank you for your reply! The Steampunk deck is gorgeous. I have noticed that if it is a really emotional topic and you are still in the midst of your pain, the reading can be a little muddled. Maybe more to do with your state of mind whilst interpreting though… but feeling a little blue has never stopped me getting my cards out lol I use them for comfort and affirmation and it works for me! Xx


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