Maya Reading my cards…

I was going to try out my new mobile reading space (read: old tea-trolley) and Maya decided she was going to have a go first!

Her hands were too small to shuffle, so that part was for me. After that, she handled the cards like a pro!

She pulled The Fool, The Wheel of Fortune and The King of Cups.

Her interpretation: If you take a chance you might get lucky, Mummy, and find us a nice new Daddy! (Aww bless her – she’s 4 by the way) – Then she looked at the bottom card: 10 of Wands.

She says: “But you are working too hard Mummy, you need to put down those sticks and have some play-time!” – how right is she?!?! 💖💖💖

Short, sharp and simple!



    1. She is so interested, forever asking what each card means, acting out the scenes, looking through a deck like it is a storybook. She recognised the Fool and the 10 of Wands by herself, but not the Wheel of Fortune as it is very different in this deck so she had to ask which one it was – the King of Cups was just a kind looking guy to her ☺️

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