Deck modification

Just finished edging my Dame Darcy’s Mermaid deck – super easy way to jazz-up your cards!All you need is a metallic gold permanent marker, a Sharpie would be great but I just gave mine away to my niece so I used a paint marker:Works just as well but look out for drips and leave your cards to dry for a good 15 minutes or they will feel sticky.

Make sure to do one card at a time or you will get bleeding in between the cards!

Also, go up and down so you go over each edge at least twice to get full coverage.

My marker had a round tip but if you find one with a chissel-tip that might be even easier.

Sorry for the not-so-focused video but my 4 year old filmed it ☺️

End result:I am happy with that!

Anyone can do it, so give it a go – gold, silver, copper or metallic pink/blue/green or even black – whatever you want!

Happy colouring!



    1. I am cutting the borders off my 8 coins tattoo tarot next and edging it with metallic hot pink ☺️ wanted to do that this weekend but my cardcutter and corner punch failed to arrive, so that will be next weekends project! X


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