My favourite Tarot book at the moment

There are so many books about Tarot out there that it is hard to choose one. Especially when you are just setting out on your tarot-journey and you are looking for a good, clear, practical guide!

Which one do you pick? Of course your preferences are personal and subjective, but here is a recent publication that I have found both helpful and enjoyable:This book works well for beginners and advanced readers alike.

The focus lies on using the Tarot to guide your affirmations to the Universe, Manifesting and the Law of Attraction, using your cards to “Spell” items or places and generally bring a little Magick in to your life so you can be the best version of you.

Aside from the traditional Major and Minor Arcana division, Madame Pamita also devides the Minors in to Pips and Courts and treats these two as separate groups, giving them their own chapters in the book.

Each card is looked at in detail but with a slight twist: every section is titled “Your adventure with…” – so for instance “Your adventure with the Two of Swords” or “Your adventure with The Page of Cups” – and then there are additional sections to help you dig a little deeper.

You will travel through this book, meeting each and every card and it’s occupants and finding out what is going on in their scene. This appeals to me in particular as this is how I have set out my own Tarot Journal as well, so it was very interesting to read someone else’s interpretations!

Every card has the following sections:

  • Your Adventure with… (meeting your card-character)
  • The Keys to the Treasure Chest (key symbols explained)
  • The Wizard’s Words of Wisdom (what the card signifies in a reading)
  • Behind the Mysterious Door (journal questions to explore the card deeper)
  • Magic Words (example of an Affirmation to use with that card)

The deck used in this book is the traditional RWS so it will easily translate to being used with any Rider-Waite style set of cards.

If Madame Pamita (owner of “Madame Pamita’s Parlour of Wonders” in L.A.), sounds intriguing to you, you can find out more about her at

Happy reading!!! Xxx

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