Manifesting with the New Moon

New Moon in Virgo – a time to stop spending all your energy on worrying about things you have no control over or the small details in your life that are not 100% perfect. Perfection is a myth, people! Instead, focus this energy on creativity, healing, service to others and spiritual wellbeing.

But just because things aren’t perfect, doesn’t mean they can’t be better

Any New Moon is a perfect time for some Manifestation-Magick – your affirmation should be realised by the time the Moon has grown full. And this New Moon in particular is great for focussing on Opportunity & Success!

All that is needed is for you to FOCUS your INTENT and AFFIRM in a POSITIVE manner that what you DESIRE to MANIFEST in your life.I use my Tarot cards in my manifestation rituals as they give me a rich imagery to help me envision my desires and I can tap in to their existing energy to support my affirmations.

I also use crystals, because of their abilities to enhance and elevate vibrations – helping to form a bridge between my own energy and the Universe, which resonates on a higher vibration – therefore effectively bringing us closer together.

So here is what I did: first of all I set up my Sacred Space, light a candle and some incense (the smoke and warmth is believed to help carry your intentions up to the Creative Forces, whatever your beliefs or how you want to refer to them). I also added some stones representing all 5 elements (fire, air, water, earth & spirit) and a depiction of the triple Goddess as she embodies the shifting stages of the Moon as well as the transformations in my own life (from Maiden to Mother to Crone). I like using a small sprig of palm (blessed in church and given to me by my mother – only sacred to me because it is meaningful to her) as well. You can add any adornments you like, or none at all – whatever feels right to you.

Once I am happy with my set up I can start to focus on what I desire to manifest in my life – what do I want to attract?

At the top of my altar (or sacred space) I lay out the Moon card, using her energy to help reveal hidden blessings and obstacles in my life and asking her to help me attract that which I desire. She is flanked by the High Priestess – to support my Magickal Thinking, Spiritual Beliefs and Intuïtive Powers – and the Magician – helping me conjure what I envision and using all the elements at my disposal to shape my thoughts and ideas in to practical, useable form.FFE73FE4-6A9F-49E9-8A96-0F3C950F9F1B.jpegI choose a card for each of the areas of my life I want to attract abundance to. You can do this intuitively – if the image on the card reminds you of what you wish to manifest then it will be the right card.

Then I pick a crystal that will raise the vibrations of that particular desire and will compliment the energy from each chosen card. (I will leave a list of which crystals support which affirmations at the end of this article!)

As I place each crystal on to each corresponding card – I speak my Affirmations out loud:

“I love and accept myself so I can be a full vessel to pour out love for others” – rose quartz on the Ace of Cups:“I am Enlightened and my Spiritual Awareness continues to develop” – amethyst on The Hermit:“The money I need is flowing towards me” – citrine on the Six of Pentacles:And so on… if you are unsure which card and/or crystal to choose, here is a tip: The Star is all about wish-fulfilment and clear quartz supports any and all affirmations – so you can’t go wrong with that combination!Ideally I will leave this set-up intact until the Full Moon – at which point I will thank the Universe for all the Blessings bestowed on me. In the mean time I will look at it often and speak aloud my affirmations at least once a day. If it is not possible to leave it out, snap a picture of your lay-out on your phone and look at it every day, repeating your affirmations.Here’s to reaping some positive results!

Remember people: belief is key, really visualise the abundance you aim to Manifest and act accordingly! If you want to manifest a new job, your actions have to support your desires! You need to be sending out those applications and update your resumé!

Much Love and Blessings to you all!



Crystals to support Affirmations

Agate is a perfect choice for helping to manifest what you truly desire. It increases confidence and self-belief, positivity, courage and is generally believed to promote longevity.

Amazonite is an effective aid for writers and artists, helps strengthen the inner voice, removes blockages, helps to communicate clearly and effectively and basically raises all your qualities to the next level.

Amethyst excells at providing Spiritual Protection and inner strength – putting you in touch with your inner self and enhancing your intuitive powers and mental clarity so you can use them to direct your focus and bring about the desired manifestations.

Black Tourmaline is effective for warding off dark magick and is a powerful protective stone against negative energies from people and places alike. It will help with grounding, cleansing auras and attracting spiritual awareness.

Bloodstone has been used as a health-talisman for centuries, especially effective against diseases related to the blood and circulation. It will also help enforce Victories of both the physical and the personal/emotional kind. It will enhance courage, power and strength.

Carnelian helps to uplift your emotions, supports creativity and taking initiative, will enhance your ability to visualize and manifest your desires and increases your capabilities for self-love and acceptance. It brings to light hidden talents and stimulates ambition.

Citrine is what you want to use to manifest abundance, create wealth, attract financial benefits, success, prosperity and generally keep the money flowing towards you!

Clear Quartz will raise your vibration and amplify your energy to such levels that it can help you manifest whatever your heart desires. It is important to focus on the positive here, as it amplifies whatever you send out (so negative beliefs and emotions would be amplified too)!!!

Labradorite is perfect for manifesting higher consciousness and smooth transitions. It is the stone connected with the New Moon so an excellent choice at this time, especially for shadow-work, introspection, self-improvement and enhancing psychic abilities.

Lepidolite helps with stress, anxiety and depression so will support spiritual and emotional healing – it also aids in attracting Synchronisities and Serendipity.

Obsidian will help you tackle bad habits and release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. It helps you focus, which is great for manifestations. In addition to being grounding and protective it will support your ability to bring about change on all levels.

Red Jasper will effectively transmute emotional and physical pain, particularly associated with menstruation/pms. It can help rectify unjust situations, is gently stimulating, brings problems to light before they become unsurmountable and gives insight in to the most difficult situations and how to resolve them.

Rose Quartz is the stone to use if you are looking to increase self-love, balance your emotions, raise nurturing energy, attract or enhance compassion and trust or if you overal want to improve interpersonal relationships.

Smokey Quartz will aid with transmuting negative energy and is also a powerful crystal to support pain-relief. In addition it can help anchor and connect Spiritual Knowledge to the physical body.

I realise this list is very limited, if you have any questions regarding which crystals would aid a particular Affirmation, feel free to ask!!! If I think of any more later I may add some to the list, but these are the ones I use most often.


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