Deck Modification #2

Hey all! Last time I showed you an easy way to spruce up your Tarot and Oracle cards by edging them with a permanent marker.

This time we will take it one step further by cutting some borders first!A96EB175-A9CF-41A0-8071-E0F744AC182C.jpegI got a copy of the 8 Coins Tattoo Tarot a while ago – although I loved the images, I found they just weren’t “popping out” at me, the borders made the deck look duller. As a result, this poor deck was never getting any air-time!So I decided to take the plunge and get rid of the large white borders!

I got a small cutting board and a corner punch (invaluable! You don’t want sharp straight corners that will bend in no time). Some people will suggest scissors, but I wouldn’t risk it…This deck is a perfect candidate for the cutting process. The borders are exactly 0,5 cm wide so easy to measure out on the cutting board. Also, there are no titles on the borders so you are not losing any information, and as the borders are the same size all around, the back of the card stays centered as well.The results are stunning! What a transformation! Hard to see why they would sell it with borders, really…

I am in love with this deck now. The colours, the images, the size,… everything is perfect to me!!To finish it off I edged the cards in pink – the colours in this deck are so strong that they can take it.Please be careful with the edging, try out your chosen marker first.

This deck had 2 extra cards (black & white images of 2 of the cards) and luckily I tried it on those first – because this is what happened with the first marker:Massive bleeding issues!

If you do not have extra cards, you can try it on ordinary playing cards first.

I hope I have inspired you to bring some life to your old or unused decks!

All this took me one Sunday afternoon, so it is not hard or time-consuming.

If you have been holding off buying this (or any other) deck because you don’t like the borders, then you know how to fix this now.

Happy cutting!!!



  1. The transformation is amazing! Who knew a bit of a trim & some colourful edging would make such a big difference! You inspired me to have a go at edging, I’ve had a little practice on my Spirit Cat deck. I only use this deck for myself when I need a bit of inspiration, but looks pretty good so far, even if I do say so myself! So thank you! xx

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    1. I can’t take much credit lol lots of people are doing it – I didn’t invent it ☺️ glad you like it though.
      And yes, the result on these cards is brilliant, especially with the rounded corners. It went from never being used to one of my favourite decks to work with!


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