Deck Modification #3

And I am back again!

Today it was The Bonefire’s turn for the chop. The black borders did not bother me as much as the white ones on the 8 Coins’ Tattoo Tarot, but this deck was simply too large for my hands! The cards are very busy and can be a little confusing at first glance, so I decided to leave the bottom border with the titles. Also, I preferred the shape like this, but I can always cut the titles later if I change my mind. For the edging I wanted to shake things up a bit, so I divided my deck and went for a regal purple for the Majors, hot pink for the Swords (I wanted to go red for the blood they can draw but couldn’t find my red sharpie!), fiery orange for the Wands, golden orange for the Cups and a bright yellow for the gold Coins. And this is what it looks like shuffled: Isn’t that fun? You could divide your cards randomly if you don’t want any give-aways as to which card belongs to which suit.

I have to say though that I think this only works because the Bonefire is such a strong, brightly coloured deck – I don’t think just any deck could carry these colours. This deck has been the most fun out of all the decks I have modified so far. Easy to cut and corner, despite the meassurements not being as precise as with the 8 Coins; and especially easy to colour the edges, due to the thick cardstock – and no bleeding to speak of because the deck is highly laminated! The whole transformation process took just a couple of hours.

Call me crazy, but I talk to the decks whilst working on them – “I am just going to give you a little trim here” and ” Ooh! You suit this colour!” ☺️

And I am so pleased with the results! It is such a great bonding exercise to work on personalising your deck like this – I feel closer to the decks I have modified much quicker than those I just lifted out of their boxes, ready to use. What’s your thoughts?



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