Deck Modification #4 : Back to Black

Hi everyone! I have one more modified deck I would like to share with you.

My Gilded Tarot has been with me for many years and was starting to look a bit worn.

As the deck has black borders, I decided to edge it in black.

Thin, flexible cards are my least favourite to edge. I prefer to work on thicker, stiffer cardstock. But the good news is that with black on black, the odd little slip up is unnoticable! In fact, I had to touch up some of the borders anyway – especially around the corners where they were most worn down.

Now my deck looks brand-new! And I think the black edges look very cool 😎

All you need is a black sharpie and a little bit of time.

NOTE: I know it looks like there are still white flecks on the cards, but those are just reflections! Black sharpies are shinier than I thought!


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