Bless a Stranger

Sometimes it is just really nice to do something altruïstic – make someone’s day without expecting anything in return!

So, lets think about some simple, everyday items we can enchant with luck, good fortune, happiness and other blessings to pass on to a complete stranger! I would love to find a good luck charm or Blessing somewhere unexpected, wouldn’t you?

Use your strengths here. Can you do origami? Fold a nice little crane or frog and write a blessing on it. Can you draw/paint? Paint a pebble with a nice sunset, ladybug or flower, write “Blessed Be” on the back. Make a small Spell Jar with herbs, dried flowers, a shell, whatever looks nice – seal with wax and write your blessing on a label attached.

You can leave a note to the finder, explaining this is a lucky charm/blessing just for them!

Not too handy, but you have a paperback novel or book of poems laying around that you would like to pass on to someone else to enjoy? Write your blessing to the lucky finder on the coverpage… you can be as creative as you want here, or keep it simple, up to you! D745F235-D78A-4861-AADB-486F4D4A62C1Now go out and leave your item where it is sure to be found. A park-bench, a window-sill, a busstop, a library…

Witches often leave their offerings (good or bad, Blessings or Curses) at a crossroads, the perfect place to disperse them, so you could just leave yours on a corner at a crossroad.A7CD71BF-32AD-4A44-91B3-90483779B060

Wherever you choose to leave it, you will make someone smile that day. And if that wasn’t enough in itself, the blessing you sent out will return to you for sure & good luck will find you!

Blessed Be Xxx

P.S: This is a lovely activity to involve children in! Kids love being Kind 💖

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  1. Freya & I did this a few times but as Art Abandonment. I would crochet something or make a fabric flower brooch & we would leave it somewhere with a little note! Such a lovely idea, random acts of kindness! 😊

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