Tarot Spell to Regain what is Lost

A very good day to you, my friend! I would like to give you this very versatile Spell to use as you see fit.

I don’t know about you, but my memory isn’t as great as it used to be. Some of that I will reluctantly attribute to my age, but mostly it has to do with this darn fibro-fog (sluggish thinking due to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue). So, when I was trying to remember a song my grandad used to sing to me when I was very young, I could not for the life of me remember the tune or most of the words 🤔

It really was bugging me, so to help me remember I wrote this very simple, very versatile, Spell to help jog my memory – it can be used to bring a memory to mind, as well as for finding a misplaced item, regaining a feeling of confidence or hope, or even find a lost pet!

For this Spell you will need:Your deck of Tarot cards

A candle in a safe holder (the candle has to burn down completely so don’t use a huge candle – a tea-light will suffice!) and something to light it with. I used a white candle but don’t worry if you only have another colour available – for this particular spell the colour is not very important.

A bay leaf (in a pinch you could just use a piece of paper)

A fire proof dish/abalone shell/cauldron/plate

A pencil, marker or felt-tip pen

I also like to dress up my work-space with crystals, they will enhance the vibes (and the esthetics) but they are not essential. I used some amethyst, blue calcite and clear quartz here.

I used a singing bowl to start my Spellwork as it too helps with clearing the air of any negative energy or vibrations that could dampen the power of my Spell. Again, this is a personal choice, not a necessary part of the spell. If you like, you could also tap a fork against a glass of water and get a similar effect! Or use an app on your phone.E57DE099-6CDB-4EF5-8A79-272CF2A9BC5B.jpeg

Let’s set to work, shall we?

Firstly, make sure you have a clean area to work in. Spread out your tarot or altar cloth if you have those, or use a clean kitchen towel, pillowcase or a placemat. Place your items on the cloth so you have them within reach. In your deck, find The Hermit card – this card represents introspection, so it will help you search the depths of your mind – the Hermit’s lantern will light your path! This card will be the focal point for your spell so place it in front of you.

Now, look through your deck until you find a card that reminds you (whether in name or in image) of what you want to manifest.

For example: if you would like to recall pleasant childhood memories, you could use the 6 of Cups, the 10 of Cups or The Sun. If you want to remember where you put your housekeys, call on The Moon or The High Priestess to help you see what is hidden. Trying to locate your lost dog? The Fool’s faithful companion will want to help I’m sure! If you want to invoke your lost confidence, use the Strength card or find the Knight of Swords… you can’t really go wrong here, if the card reminds you of your purpose then use it!

Place this second card cross-wise on top of The Hermit. Now, light your candle and recite the following incantation:

“Lantern and candle, burning bright – Shine upon my darkest night – Light my path, don’t let me sway – what is lost will find it’s way.”

Write whatever you are wanting to call back to you on the bay leaf (“memories” or “keys” or even the name of your lost pet!) – place the bay leaf in between the Hermit and your chosen card, at the heart of the cross. As you do this, say “My wish is granted – so mote it be”.Before the candle is burnt out, your memories will surface, you will find your lost keys, you will get some information about your lost pet or get a strong feeling of where he/she might be… In any case, trust that the wheels will have been set in motion and the Universe is working towards meeting your desired outcome.

Please be safe and do not leave your candle unattended, near curtains, where a child/pet can get at it!

Once your candle has burned down, remove the bay leaf from between the cards and burn it in your fireproof dish, the smoke will rise up as a gift of thanks to the Universe. Release the ashes to the wind or bury them in soil (I often just feed them to my house plants!). Again, a dry bay leaf can really flare up, so use some caution – you don’t have to burn every last shred of it so if it goes out, that’s okay!Be sure to leave your crossed cards on your altar/sacred space/sideboard/bedside table until your spell has run it’s course and your intent has been realised!

Best of luck and Blessed Be Xxx


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