Changing Outcomes

Ever done a Tarot Reading for yourself, and not liked the outcome? Change it!

This is an exercise in Visualisation and Manifestation – it is not meant to be used as “cheating” in your lay-out!

We have all had times where we don’t like the card that comes up when we do a Reading, and we are tempted to reshuffle and start again, often just to pull either the same or a similar card once more…

This technique is not about cheating, but rather about Intentionally Visualising a better Outcome to be Manifested – and it can be very empowering!

There are two ways to go about this.

Either: you have already layed out your cards and you wish to change the outcome; In this instance, you think about which outcome you would prefer and look through your deck to find a card that represents this, then you substitute the card you do not want with the new card.

This is an example of a spread about my work-situation, where I have chosen a different outcome – from this: To this: Or, in the second scenario: you want to make a change in a particular aspect of your life and you purposely create a layout to reflect your desired outcome. In this case, you think about what you would like this area of your life to look like and you choose ALL the cards from your deck to make up a spread that represents your desire.

Here is an example of a spread where I have chosen all the cards to create a different work-reality:On both these occasions you need to visualise the desired situation/outcome and think about it in terms like it has already happened and this is your reality.

You can ask the Universe to manifest this new reality for you, or you can ask the Deïty of your choice to help you attain your new truth.

I like to take a picture of this new, modified, manufactured spread so I can remind myself of exactly what I wish to manifest.

Once you have done this, you can go ahead and clear away your cards as usual, trusting that the Universe has received your wish and is working towards fullfilling your desire. Remember to keep up the positive thinking! (source of photo: PINTREST, unknown author)

Go make some changes, my friends!Xxx


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