Samhain – Talking to your Ancestor Spread

Who am I talking to?

Card 1: Who are you?

Card 2: What do you wish for me?

Card 3: What is your warning to me?

Overarching story of your life:

Card 4: What did you wish for in life?

Card 5: What did you love the most?

Card 6: What was your greatest sorrow?

Card 7: Who did you want to be?

Card 8: What influenced you most?

I devised this spread, wanting to make use of the Thinning Veil this time of year, to talk to a deceased ancestor.

I believe this Queen of Wands is my grandmother coming through! The cards tell her story beautifully.

I won’t go in to too much detail (some parts of the conversation are private) but in short:

She would like all my wishes to come through; warns me against my spending habits; she always wanted a large, happy family; she loved my grandfather the most; she spent a lot of time isolated at home taking care of one of her children who was severely disabled and for whom there were not many provisions in those days; she wanted to be a confident woman and a nurturing mother/wife; she was very much influenced by her religion.

Will you be reaching out to the other side this year?


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