Reading Tarot for Fictional Characters

Want a fun exercise to practise your card interpretations and really amp-up your Tarot-skills?

There’s only so many times you can read your own cards before you run out of topics/things to ask. And you don’t always have a guinea pig handy – my cat is fed up having his cards read and even my little girl says NO sometimes…

…so, here’s the solution!Pick one of your favourite fictional characters – it could be the protagonist in a book, film, song, cartoon, myth or legend – and choose a spread or just pull the cards free-handed. Find out what works for you.  All the skills picked up in these exercises can be translated to your real-life readings with ease.

You could start with a simple 3 card spread, representing their past/present/future. Then you can expand on this by pulling more cards to get a more in-depth picture. The great thing about this exercise is that you can immediately determine the accuracy of your reading, because you are familiar with your chosen character’s life story!

My little girl loves it when I use her treasured Disney characters for this exercise – we examined Mulan just the other day! Doesn’t she look like a perfect Page of Swords here, by the way? Fairytales are also a good source of inspiration and perfect for beginners in this type of study (You can have a look at my “Storytelling for Tarot-lovers” post from a while back for some inspiration if you like).

If you want to switch up the exercise and make it a little more challenging, try using your cards to determine your character’s motives, drives, feelings and thoughts that were perhaps not very clear or left open to interpretation in your chosen story.

Or you can try to determine what happens to your beloved personage AFTER the book is closed, the end-titles have rolled, the song has been sung or the legend has faded…

You will soon graduate to reading more in-depth and complicated literary characters. You can keep your spreads as simple as you like, or make them really comprehensive and extensive – the choice is all yours!The subjects of certain songs can be challenging too, as often the information provided is limited and very personal to the artist. But it is so much fun to try and find out what it’s all about!

The most satisfying of these exercises I completed recently was on the subject of a painting by John William Waterhouse: Circe offering the Cup to Ulysses (because I love the story of Circe and the painting looks like a Tarot card anyway!). The choices are limitless – let your imagination run free and practise, practise, practise!!!

But above all: Have Fun!!!


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