Tarot Spell for Christmas Funds

Halloween is barely over, but it feels like Christmas is around the corner already! And although we all know that the real spirit of Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and being kind to one another, most of us still like to share some gifts!

Those of us with kids especially may find this time of year rather expensive! Even if you decide on home-made presents you most likely have to spend a little on supplies…So here’s a Spell to attract some extra funds!

I am starting this early so I can repeat this spell a couple of times before the Holidays. As a Single Mum household, money can be tight, so I need to plan carefully how I can make Christmas special for my little girl (This Spell is best set in motion early on in the day, as it will take a minimum of 3 to 5 hours to work, possibly longer – depending on the candle used).

You will need the following:

  • Your Tarot deck.
  • A citrine quartz (clear quartz could work just as well).
  • 3 coins of your currency, they don’t have to be of great value and can all be of a different denomination.
  • A pinch of cinnamon (known for it’s magickal money-drawing properties – In ancient Rome or Greece the relative value of cinnamon was around 15 (!!!) times higher than that of silver!) – In the unlikely event that you detest the taste of cinnamon, you could use either ginger, nutmeg or saffron as a substitute. You may also use any of these in addition to the cinnamon to enhance it’s properties.
  • A hot drink (tea, coffee, warm milk or hot chocolate) in your favourite mug and a tea-spoon.
  • A green candle (white or yellow can substitute) – preferably a small votive or tea-light as, for the purpose of this spell, the candle has to burn down completely! If, for any reason, you decide NOT to use a candle (because you can’t leave it to burn safely for the sake of small children or inquisitive pets; or because you are a student and not allowed to burn candles in your dorm-room), then you can use a lamp instead to illuminate your Spell. E976E5BC-C9E8-43CF-A947-6719D2DB5DD1.jpeg

Here’s how it works:

Make sure you have a space cleared to work in and set out everything listed above before you prepare your hot drink (I went with a rich blend of coffee and hot chocolate, which tastes fantastic with a pinch of cinnamon!). I added some additional symbols of abundance to my set-up too but this is completely optional.

Whilst your preferred beverage cools to drinking-temperature, light your candle or lamp. Now find the 6 of Pentacles (a card all about giving and receiving) in your deck and put it in front of you.

Place the 3 coins around the card in the shape of a triangle, pointing towards you.Look at your card very carefully, really drink in the spirit of the card and think about what it means.

With the image and spirit of the 6 of Pentacles clear in your mind, take your pinch of cinnamon and sprinkle it in to your mug, stirring 3 x 3 times, in a clockwise direction, using your dominant hand.As you do this, speak the following incantation: “Cinnamon spice, warm and nice, attract abundance at no price – May these coins return to me – not once, not twice, but 3 times 3”. (Note: replace with the name of your chosen spice if you decided against the use of cinnamon!)

Now take your crystal in your right hand, sit back and relax whilst sipping your drink. Savour the aroma and taste of the added spice.796F0B9C-1637-463C-9A4C-3B79F8DE8811.jpeg

Until your cup is empty, let your mind wander over the things you would like to use any extra cash for. Really imagine buying them, see yourself opening a well-filled purse and paying for your purchases. Also, be aware of the crystal you are holding on to. Feel it warming up in your hand. Squeeze it until you can feel your palm tingling a little. It is a well known superstition/belief that if your right hand itches, it means money is coming towards you!

Concentrate on your thoughts, feelings, taste and smell – this is not a time for watching catch-up TV or checking your phone!

Once your drink is finished, place your crystal on top of the 6 of Pentacles. Thank the Universe for blessing you and sending you the money you need, as if you have already received it.

You can now go wash your cup and spoon but leave the card, crystal and coins with the candle until it burns out! Should the candle blow out before that time you will have to repeat the process! If you are using a lamp, leave it on for at least 3 to 5 hours (approximately the time a small candle would burn for).Once the candle has burnt down (or you feel it is time to switch off your lamp), you may take the coins and put them in your pocket. Don’t go and put them in your handbag, keep them on your person. If you don’t have pockets, put them in your bra or sock or just keep hold of them – now, go out and put the coins in a charity box of your choice, or give them to a busker or someone in need!

In this way you are giving something back, sending the coins out in to the world for the Universe to return them to you in abundance. Trust that the Law of Attraction is working for you!

Good Luck & Blessed Be!

love, Tarotmum13 Xxx

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