Just an observation about myself: I usually take a picture of my tarot spreads so I can look at them later on. So when I was organising my spreads for the last week in to a folder, I noticed how much I have been deck-hopping! Must be feeling restless and unsettled…

Normally I work with my Sasuraibito deck for personal readings and maybe have one or two other decks on the go that I will use for a week or so before rotating them – unless there’s a specific deck that suits a certain theme/mood/weather/topic particularly well – but now I seem to switch around continually, sometimes twice a day! What’s that all about? Any ideas?Update: For those who asked, the decks are (from the top down): The Ostara Tarot; Tarot of the Hidden Realm; The 8 Coins’ Tattoo Tarot (borders cut); Everyday Tarot; The Bonefire Tarot (borders cut); The Anna K. Tarot (borders cut); The Vivid Journey Tarot; The Sasuraibito Tarot.


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