Just a quick heads-up – November 11, 2018 will be a day of particularly high vibrational energy! If you add up the numbers in 2018 (2+0+1+8) you also get 11, making the date 11.11.11!

Numerologically speaking this day will be a fantastic time for awakenings, spiritual enhancement, manifestation, serendipities and synchronisities. Perfect for insightful Readings and effective Spellwork or powerful Rituals.

Don’t let it pass you by unnoticed my friends!

By the same method, November 29th will also be an 11.11.11 day – where as November 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th can be read as 11.1.11.

Don’t be surprised if you notice significantly enhanced psychic powers, powerful signs from Spirit, predictive dreams or other spiritually enlightening occurrences!

Just thought I would bring this to your attention.

Blessings to all Xxx2721DB5D-676B-43EA-BF9B-7F4F198E9504


  1. (Today is the 10th, btw. Lol. I know time zones are a bit funky and funny when it comes to trying to get the “timing” and correlation of events right). And it’s 11.21am on my phone clock.

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    1. It is the 10th here too btw, I was giving people some notice for the 11th lol be prepared and all that – if I had thought of it sooner I would have posted it before the 1st! But I didn’t… xx


      1. Thats the thing. We’re human and fallible. We think of stuff and write it when we remember. I forget shit all the time. But the timing of whenever happens it whatever. The timing of your thing coming up on my feed reminded me of stuff and haha helps to solidify my “messianic and antikristo” messages and shit. Lol reminds me why I said I was a goddess reborn and it’s my time to shine. I shouldn’t give up on my shit because it feels hard. Remind me even if it is hard, that’s the point. It has to be hard otherwise it wouldn’t be worth it. So it doesn’t unravel later. You know? You remind me of stuff with this stuff. And I thank you. If I wrote my own bible you’d be writing numbers and shit. St the very least.

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        1. I’m in lol sure we could give that book an interesting reworking! We will need to put back all the shit they took out about Asherah, God’s wife – and the Lilith stuff too of course. And right the wrongs done to women like Jezebel and Mary of Magdala!!! … on second thought… I know you said it could be hard, but this seems like one giant task lol best get some sleep first!! Xxx


          1. Asherah? Never heard of her. But then again… I make up stuff and fill in the blanks with other people and stuff all the time. But I’d love to know more.
            I wrote in my Satanism challenge post about being lilith and my hubby being Lucifer. Lol.
            But I know I’m a goddess on my own. But I work terribly on my own. In the kabalah thingy I’m from the land of daath. That’s where I come from. My inner me. The me i know I am on the inside. I don’t need god or the devil or tell me anything. I’m good and bad and make shit up all the time.
            I like the Jewish kabalah system as a means of representation to organise my own mental head space.

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            1. I believe that a lot of ancient Jewish blessings contained the words “blessed by Yahwe and his Asherah” and that there are still some references to her to be found in the oldest parts of the bible – but they have done a good job trying to erase her… it seems to suggest that the belief in the One True God, Yahwe, El, Allah,… once started of as being more politeïstic? Asherah was worshiped as the Goddess of the Sea, think she can be linked to Akasha or Astarte as well. She was also at times symbolised by a pole or tree and some say it was her tree in the garden of Eden that bore the fruit that Adam and Eve were cast out over having eaten… that’s really all I know about her… maybe I’ll have to do some digging! But not tonight. Should have been sleeping hours ago! Night for now Xx


              1. For me, people put too much fucking emphasis on Yahweh as a god. Fuck him. Asherah is the muse that made him want to create in the first place.
                I’m not a muse. I mean I am. I am a muse. I am the muse. But I’m not just a muse. I need to make money off of my shit that I do. And that’s my gift that I don’t know how to explain because it means different fucking things to different people.
                I’m sorry I’m not meaning to get cross. But this is what makes me furious. That I know I inspire people but how about a thanks? I’m trying to get people to acknowledge their muses. You know? What it means to be god. We are all god. But we’re not self made. So to acknowledge others and where they got that idea from? It helps to prevent the bullshit of “thought theft” and copyright stuff

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                1. Apparently, Yahwe at one point ordered all Asherah’s effigies destroyed so that he could be the sole God worshipped- religious antropologists are calling it Yahwe’s divorce from Asherah. All over some inflated male ego.
                  And it’s us kids that suffered in the end… let’s choose our great-great-great-great-…grandmother’s side in this conflict and make her proud lol x


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