Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Where do you want to go with your life? And how do you get there?

This Spread can be used for both immediate situations or a 5 year plan (and just about anything in between).

A fun spread to help you on your way!

(Note: Cards 1 to 4 can be used as a mini-spread on their own, to give yourself a boost along the way by emphasising your strengths!)

Where do you want to go?

0 – Kansas ~ carefully look through your deck and find a card that depicts your goal. Place it at the top of the Spread as a focal point and reminder.

Now shuffle, keeping your goal in mind. Ready? Off we go!

What keeps you going?1 – Cowardly Lion: You are braver than you think! We all have times where we doubt our ability to move forward – What gives me courage?

2 – Scarecrow: You are smarter than you think – What ideas do I have that could help me on my way?

3 – Tin Man: Kindness, love and compassion go a long way! This is a two-way street: be kind yourself (act with integrity, don’t trample over people in the rush to getting where you want to go) and accept the kindness of those around you – Where can I find kindness?

4 – Dorothy: Stay calm and clearheaded, don’t let setbacks keep you from staying on your chosen path – How do I stay on track?

What blocks your path?5 – Wicked Witch of the West: Identify the person or situation most likely to stand in your way – What is my biggest stumbling block?

6 – Flying Monkeys: The Witch sends out her monkeys to do her dirty work – Who or what is trying to get me off track?

7 – Wizard of Oz: Not everything (or everyone) is what it seems, the Wizard does not necessarily mean you harm, but his interference is more of a hindrance than a help – what could send me on a detour?

Your way around this?8 – Toto: Faithful friends can help you stay on track, like Toto pulling off the sheet to reveal to Wizard for who he really is – Who or what can I rely on for honest feedback and support?

9 – Glinda: Sometimes you just get lucky and your wish can be fulfilled. Or someone can have the advice you need to get ahead – Where do I find the information I need?

There’s no Place like Home!10 – Ruby Slippers: You have everything you need to get to your destination, you just have to figure out how best to use it – What quality is going to help me reach my goal?



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