New Era Elements Tarot

This is a very modern deck I had been considering for a while, but didn’t buy at first because I don’t believe it will be one I will actively use for Readings. Instead I would use it for study and quiet contemplation… I saw it online at a very reasonable price so I finally added it to my collection!This deck is well packaged in a strong cardboard box, accompanied by a small but informative Little White (black) book and an extra card with a spread developed for this deck.

The cardstock is thin and flexible with a mat, slightly grainy finish – they shuffle very well – And I love the sepia and charcoal colours of these cards! Non reversible backs, but that never bothers me.A very interesting Major Arcana with some great modern interpretations and just 2 cards renamed: Justice becomes Adjustment and The World is The Universe.285F55BB-A67F-4B08-BFC1-F936E157248D.jpegThe Suits are Fire, Water, Air and Earth -the Courts have a family structure with each suit representing a different culture, etnicity and continent.

696DDEA4-EA6E-46A3-BFD0-AC3009E056B0.jpegThe Minor Arcana follows a Toth-style example with each card getting a key-word title along with a number and the symbol for the corresponding suit.

Some cards show rather gruesome scenes:Some show wholesome nature scenes:Some cards depict human achievements:Others are filled with images of technological advances:Overal a deck that will certainly get you thinking! But it could be confusing for total tarot-novices – although the artwork is for everyone to enjoy!


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