New Year Spread for 2019

This type of clock-face spread has been around for ages and is quite popular at the start of a new year or on birthdays!

I have no idea of the origin of this spread so I can’t give anyone credit – there are often slight changes in the positioning of the cards or what exactly they represent.

Here’s my take on this spread:

My Results:

First impressions:

Wow! That’s a lot of Swords!!! I swear I shuffled extensively… Looks like it’s all going to be about cerebral energy and attitude next year! Majors are well represented too, so there will be some big life issues to be dealt with.

Not many Wands – either my inspirational energy will be lacking or it won’t be an issue at all.

Both Pentacles and Cups are also represented by just one card each. There won’t be significant emotional upheaval nor major changes to my financial situation or employment status.

The most repeated numbers are 3 and 8, signifying this year will be about growth and creativity as well as evolution and release.


1 – January: 4 of Swords ~ I was not surprised to see this card show up first. It has been my stalker-card all through 2018 and it was to be expected that my issues with chronic fatigue and pain would continue in to the next year. Especially in January where I will be recuperating from the expended energy of the holiday celebrations!

2 – February: 3 of Swords reversed ~ Recovery from heartbreak and betrayal: I will continue to work on overcoming the issues caused by my 6 year relationship with a pathological Narcissist. February will likely see me make some big strides forward in this departement, not just recovering physically but also mentally and emotionally.

3 – March: The Empress ~ March will bring themes of nurturing and growth. A time for planting seeds, both in the literal sense and spiritually. I will work on finding my strength as a woman and get deeper aquainted with my Inner Goddess.

4 – April: Knight of Swords ~ My birthday month sees me having a burst of inspirational ideas and the tenacity to chase my dreams. I will need to be careful not to rush in head first and make sure to hurt neither myself nor others around me by being foolhearty or acting rash.

5 – May: 3 of Wands ~ The ideas conceived in April will continue to grow throughout May. This will be a good time to expand both my knowledge and practice and I can look forward to some fruitful collaborations!

6 – June: 2 of Swords ~ An important decision will leave me at an impasse. Procrastination and doubt in my own abilities may hold me back and I will need to find a way to break the stale mate and move forward.

7 – July: 8 of Swords reversed ~ The effects of June will resolve itself and self-doubt will no longer have me feeling stuck as I remember that I hold the key to my own release and I can choose to break free if I want to.

8 – August: Wheel of Fortune ~ Summer will bring the warm wind of change and I will be able to move more freely, seeing clearly the unbroken chain of cause and consequence, action and reaction, helping me plan my way forward and making positive choices for the future.

9 – September: 8 of Pentacles ~ Now is a time to get my head down and work hard, honing my skills and practise, practise, repeat… until I feel like I really have a handle on things.

10 – October: Temperance ~ As the chill of Autumn sets in and the nights grow longer, it is time to start preparing for winter. Restore balance, conserve energy and resources, slow down and make time for cosy nights in with my daughter.

11 – November: Death ~ November brings reflection and remembrance. This is a time to contemplate mortality and the finite nature of Life. Honor those who have passed and treasure your loved ones and all the joy they bring, for you never know what tomorrow has in store!

12 – December: 7 of Swords reversed ~ As the year draws to a close it is time to take stock once more. An honest look at the past will have much to teach me, helping me to move forward with integrity and good will.

13 – Theme for the Year: 8 of Cups ~ The main lesson this year will be to know when to move on and let by-gones be by-gones, even if it hurts… To keep looking for that what is missing in my life – the missing cup just might be Love, in the form of a new relationship – so this year I will continue to rise from the ashes of my previous (disastrous) relationship and be reborn, ready to embrace Love once more.

Your turn now 🤗

Tarotmum13 Xxx(My cards per season, from Winter to Autumn)

Easy-save version:


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