Tarot Reflections

My, I have been doing A LOT of reflecting and looking back, even for this time of year! Here are some more of my Tarot-related musings!

My top 3 tarot decks acquired in 2018

The Sasuraibito Tarot – an instant favourite, I fell in love with it as soon as I got it and would not want to part with it ever again.

The Everyday Witch Tarot – one of the biggest surprises of the year, I really thought it would be just a whimsical deck without much depth… but it turned out to be be one of the easiest, clearest decks I have ever had the pleasure of working with!

8 coin’s tattoo tarot – I did not like this at first, but once I cropped the borders the images really popped and now I adore it!

Worst buys:

The Dream Raven Tarot – the cards look too similar to distinguish between them, are too big and too laminated – I just don’t use it at all.

Biddy tarot’s Everyday Tarot deck – I really wanted to love this deck – the gold and purple colour scheme is very soothing on the eyes and it looks like a great deck for simplifying complicated matters… but it just does NOT shuffle!!! Never had a deck that shuffled so badly, no matter what I do the cards keep sticking together in clumps… and the packaging is near impossible to get in to.

Best oracle deck bought: Earthbound Oracle – small, cheap, very intuitive and portable – with my favourite pommegranate card!!!

Best other type of deck: Life Design Cards – this deck is more than just an oracle deck (although it is that too), it is a complete lifestyle package prompting you to make positive changes that will enrich and simplify your life.

Most Mysterious deck: Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative deck – this deck was delivered to me in the mail, no sender, in a plain brown cardboard box – to this day I have no idea who I got it from!

Weirdest Tarot experience: The 4 of Swords has been my stalker card all through 2018, to the point where I was really ignoring it… but one evening after barely glancing at the card before shoving it back in the pile, I stepped outside only to find a small 4 of Spades right outside my door! Someone really wanted me to pay attention…

Best Tarot Question: someone asked me for a 3 card spread on “Does God Exist?” – the cards answered: The Magician, The Hierophant, The Devil… the shadow card at the bottom of the deck was The Hermit. I know what I think of that, but I will leave you to draw your own conclusions…

Best Tarot related choices: starting my blog + joining the Biddy Tarot 5 day Tarot Challenge – I made new friends because of these!

Best exercises: anything that involves using the tarot for affirmations – like my Manifesting with the New Moon post – I have had extra money and gifts coming in plus time off work to help my work/life balance!

Most fun: storytelling with tarot cards for my daughter, Maya + Reading Tarot for ficticious characters (you will find these posts on my blog, well worth a look!) – Oh, and modifying some of my decks AND designing my own spreads! This year has been sooo much fun!!!

Happy Hogmanay Everyone!!! Lang may yer lum reek!!! Xxx


    1. It is very clear to me: you create that what you believe in, what you give power to – this power can lead to great knowledge, but if you use it to indoctrinate and enslave people you will be creating a great evil – it is better to look within, towards your own divinity – live your life according to your own ethics, don’t enforce them onto others… Xx

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    1. You and me both! I asked the cards – the Crystal Visions tarot gave me the Unknown card and the deck in question gave me the High Priestess and The Moon – all secrets!!!
      Thank you ~ Maya is something else haha love of my life!!!

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