Date with your Deck

So there’s a new deck in your life? How did you two meet?

Maybe you had been skirting around your deck for a while, checking it out from a distance, comparing it to other decks, dreaming about it, looking it up online (bit stalkerish that, but we’ve all done it!)…

Or maybe you just bumped in to it and impulsively decided to take it home? Whatever the case might be, you’re going to want to get to know it a little better before telling it your biggest secrets, hopes, fears and doubts!!!

So even if you’ve been naughty and took your deck to bed on the first date (been there, done that, I am not judging), there’s still time to find out if it’s intentions are honorable!

You’ve already established there is some mutual attraction… Now light a candle, put on some romantic background music, pour a little of your favourite tipple (or have some tea) and get to know more about the new love in your life!Have fun on your date! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…


P.S. People, you don’t have to wait for a new deck! If you have an old deck you haven’t used in a while, or one that has been your trusted companion for ages… it’s always good to rekindle the romance! Show your decks some Love!

Here’s what the Tarot of Pagan Cats had to tell me on our first date:F30C1614-5549-4FDA-97E1-1E19C9048358.jpeg1. 6 of Cups: I am a pretty nostalgic person, I love reminiscing about childhood hopes and dreams. By looking in to your past I will help you understand the choices you make for your future. I do have claws, but I’ll only use them to defend you – I am caring and loving… oh! And I adore cats!

2. Judgement: I have the ability to see the bigger picture – I am a very holistic deck and I want the best for you – mind, body and soul! I will never condemn you for any mistakes you have made. Instead I will gently get you back on to the right track and show you how you can make amends. My purpose in life is to lead you towards your best possible outcomes… come on an adventure with me!

3. Ace of Cups: I know it’s soon, but I think I am falling in love with you… You are a well of emotions. You have so much love to give but sometimes you forget to love yourself first! I will make sure your cup is filled to the brim.

4. 2 of Pentacles: I intend to help you lead a well-balanced life. You can use some help curbing your spending-habits and learning how to use your energy wisely. I promise to always give you the best of advice – both loving support and constructive criticism… will you listen?

5. 8 of Wands: I believe we will get on like a house on fire – I can see us going places together, fast! If you listen to my messages I can help you reach your goal much sooner then if you try to go it alone. Let me be your guide!



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