Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

My first new deck of the year arrived in the mail yesterday…

I treated myself to the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot deck and the accompanying book – I don’t normally splash out like that (I am not going to lie: it was expensive), but at least I got a decent deal on postage costs (and no import tax!) thanks to one of my favourite online Tarot shops: Little Red Tarot. If you live in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, be sure to check it out!

As soon as I had this deck in my hands, I could understand why it was so costly. There is no mistaking the quality!

The feel of the box, cardstock and book has to be an almost sensual experience… rich, creamy, lusciously smooth paper, amazing colours, wonderful Renaissance art… I can not praise the whole concept of this deck highly enough.

Way too luxurious to be bouncing around in your handbag, you are going to want to look after this little beauty! Also, you want to make sure to open the box at the bottom, to leave the red seal at the top intact.The whole deck has an organic feel to it, like it wasn’t printed by machines but grew out of the artists imagination to come alive in your hands.

The cards itself really are little pieces of art. Slightly bigger than average and very slippery, I find them a little hard to shuffle ~ mainly because I have small hands and I am being extra careful not bend the cards! Here are some of my favourite Major Arcana cards for you to peruse:The Minor Arcana consists of sparsely illustrated pip-style cards, but don’t let this put you off! The images are still evocative enough to help you with your interpretations.The book, titled “Tarot: notes from the pagan otherworlds”, is a welcome companion. It is brief but informative – Personally I would have liked a more in-depth description of the various images and symbols in the gorgeous oil paintings that make up each card, but you may like the fact that you are left free to interpret things as you see fit.

If I may give one small criticism, it is that when I first opened the book, my eye immediately fell on a typing error… that is a shame for such a luxury product. One of the keywords for Strength says “Resilence” instead of Resilience. But when I pointed this out to the publishers they were quick to thank me and assure me this would be corrected in their next print.The deck has 84 cards instead of the usual 78. The 6 bonus cards consist of the Moon Fases and The Seeker.These pictures really do not do justice to the beautiful luminescence of the Moon cards…

Often I feel like extra cards in a deck are quite gimmicky, and I can do without, but I can definitely see myself using these! Either with the deck or separately.

I hope you have enjoyed a peek at this lovely deck and if you have it, please let me know how you find working with it!

Until next time ~ Adieu!


(Deck published by UUSI – artist Linnea Gits and handlettering by Peter Dunham)


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