Deck Personality

Each deck comes with it’s own personality. And I do mean EACH deck! Not all the Everyday Witch decks have the same personality, or all Sasuraibito decks. If someone wanted to swap decks with you, would you? Even if it was exactly the same deck? I wouldn’t.

Why is it that your deck interview with the Ostara Tarot might be completely different to mine?I ended up with 2 Gilded Tarot decks, and both are very different! You could say it is because one of the decks has been my trusted companion for 15 years, and the other is only 2 years old and hasn’t been used as much.Your Tarot deck acts like a sponge, soaking up all the energy it comes in contact with, the situations it is being asked to read for, the amount of time you’ve spent looking at it, shuffling it, studying it… it changes it, I’m sure of it!

Also, I LOVE every little bent corner, frayed edge, scuffed back…

The only way I would EVER consider exchanging one deck for another, similar one, is as an ultimate act of complete trust and love – with a best friend or loved one. It would be such an intimate thing to do…

Do you agree?

Just something to think about…



    1. I agree – a different deck would feel alien to me even with the exact same images and I would struggle to read it right… even a child would know if you tried to swap it’s favourite teddy for another, similar one!

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