Manifesting with the New Moon

Reblogging for the first New Moon of the year – hitch a ride on this energy to help manifest your dreams!


New Moon in Virgo – a time to stop spending all your energy on worrying about things you have no control over or the small details in your life that are not 100% perfect. Perfection is a myth, people! Instead, focus this energy on creativity, healing, service to others and spiritual wellbeing.

But just because things aren’t perfect, doesn’t mean they can’t be better

Any New Moon is a perfect time for some Manifestation-Magick – your affirmation should be realised by the time the Moon has grown full. And this New Moon in particular is great for focussing on Opportunity & Success!

All that is needed is for you to FOCUS your INTENT and AFFIRM in a POSITIVE manner that what you DESIRE to MANIFEST in your life.I use my Tarot cards in my manifestation rituals as they give me a rich imagery to help me envision my…

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