Tarot Apps

Hello friends and casual passers-by,

I want to do a quick post about the use of Tarot apps.

If you are a Spoonie, Disabled Reader, Tarot Novice, Closet-Tarotist, Tech-Witch, Always on the Go or on a Limited Budget, this post may be of interest to you.

Not everyone is a fan of Tarot Readings generated by a computer algorythm.

Maybe you feel like it isn’t “real” and couldn’t possibly be accurate?

Personally I believe that you will get the cards that were meant for you – no matter how they are drawn!

As most of you know, I suffer from chronic fatigue and pain due to CFS/Fibromyalgia – To me, these apps have become indispensable lately! Not enough energy to clear Maya’s toys from the table and go get a deck of cards? Fingers and hands too sore for shuffling? Too achy to get up from the sofa? I can still pull my card for the day or do a quick reading right there, on my phone! Also, some medical conditions can prevent people from working with a physical deck all together, so then these apps are a brilliant alternative!

My favourite Tarot apps are those from The Fool’s Dog. They have a great selection to choose from and the apps are well developed.They come in both iPhone and Android versions and the prices are around €4 for a deck – this makes them a great alternative for those who would love a new (or first!) Tarot deck but have limited funds.

You can also buy the app for a deck you are interested in and check out the whole deck at your leissure. The apps allow you to see each and every card in the deck in detail and they also give the meanings as they appear in the accompanying guidebooks! So not only do you save cash on the cards, but no need to buy the books either! Obviously, decks that only come with a little white book will only have short card meanings, but apps like The Everyday Witch or Tarot of the Hidden Realm have the whole extensive guidebook included!

Now, if you are anything like me, when you see a deck you really like you are still going to want to own an actual physical copy. But these apps have saved me from spending €20 (or more) on decks that, in hindsight, are not really for me.

I also work the other way around, and buy the app for a deck I already own and love, just so I can always carry it with me without worrying about damaging the cards!

You don’t need to take any physical decks with you when out and about, and can pull a card anywhere: on the train, in the supermarket, at work,… a quick glance and a few taps on your phone are so much more discreet than whipping out your deck, shuffling your cards, laying them out, studying them… so great for those of you who are in the Tarot closet!

The apps from the Fool’s Dog allow you to type in your question, choose one of the pre-programmed spreads or design one of your own choosing, choose from a variety of reading cloths or add your own images to use,… so they are an easy tool for designing great looking spreads! Just take a screen shot of your finished product eh voilá! You have a nice picture to add to your blog on the go! You can then use that picture in a simple photoshop app to add writing – number the cards, add a title for your spread, sign your name…

The apps will also automatically save your readings in to a journal, so you can revisit them whenever you want.

You can choose to use reversals or draw cards only upright, use significators or not, choose your style of shuffling, drag the cards around on the screen to put them in the desired position and even use two fingers to turn them or enlarge them.

Now, the only decission you have to make is whether or not you choose to believe that the app can pull the right cards for you… I suggest you try one out and you may be surprised at it’s accuracy!

You too can own a portable tarot-library and add to your deck collection without breaking the bank!

Here’s my collection so far:The next images show the menu for the Everyday Witch app so you can see all the possibilities the app has to offer:



  1. Great information! I’ve been reading the Egyptian deck for 40 years! Lol. But I collect beautiful decks for the artwork, which is divine, and the positive energy. Your blog today shows me how to feed my passion.

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    1. We have to go with the times haha I love my decks and love feeling them in my hands – but that doesn’t mean I can’t find these apps usefull! Just like I read both paper books and digital books, Nothing wrong with some mix-and-match!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. It can be handy for lots of people, for different reasons – it has helped me continue my tarot practise at times were my energy is low so I felt other people might benefit too! Just thought I’d share 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Apps are great and storing them is so easy! I especially find them useful when travelling, so portable! Great article thank you !

    Liked by 1 person

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