Super Blood Wolf Moon

What’s in a name?

The Wolf Moon is traditionally the first Full Moon in January ~ it is a Super Moon because the Moon is at the closest point her orbit takes her to the Earth, so she looks larger than normal ~ and a Blood Moon, because the Earth will be positioned directly between the Moon and the Sun, causing a full lunar eclipse. The light being refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere, much like during a Sunset, makes the Moon appear red in colour.

Much has been made of this January 20th/21st Super Blood Wolf Moon – some even claiming it is a bad omen, signalling the coming of the Apocalypse!

Actually, this particular celestial showpiece is the culmination of a series of astrological events in the Zodiac sign of Leo that started in February 2017… so it is a time of closure, of reflection, looking back and seeing how far we have come.

The past few years have likely been tumultuous. And I know it doesn’t always FEEL better now, but this is due to you experiencing a hightened sensitivity. Your hyper-awareness of any tension and conflict around you can make it appear like you are still in the middle of an emotional warzone…

But stop for a moment. Take a deep breath. Are you sure you haven’t made some strides forward in the last two years? Have you not made decisions that have lead to a greater understanding of your Self, your needs, wants, strengths,…?

This Moon will bring with it a time of great accomplishment – it heralds a time to shine, your creativity may peak and any projects “birthed” under this auspicious sign can turn out to be very fruitful indeed!

Whether we are talking about a creative project or idea that could make you some money or about conceiving an actual baby… the power surge will push you on your way!

Ride this tide, use it’s magic – this is a time for celebrating your achievements and putting yourself in the spotlight. Look within and reflect on your Spiritual Development. No real change or growth ever comes about without some pain and discomfort, but you are doing well, you can be proud of yourself – I know I am! Blessed Be.


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