Tarot Lessons for Beginners: Adendum 2 – Keywords

Hello you! If you are reading this, you may be one of my students – but even if you are just passing through my virtual classroom by chance, you may find something of interest here.

In this extra Tarot lesson I will share some of my Tarot Keywords & phrases with you:

Rather than trying to memorise a long-winded text for each card, your learning will move much faster if you just try to keep a few words (or even a sentence) in mind that captivate the essence of the card for you – this will kick-start your interpretation without being restrictive and allow you to weave the story. Really try to relate these key-concepts to the image on the card so the card itself joggs your memory.

Here are some of my ideas, feel free to appropriate the ones you like, but yours can be very different and that’s okay too!

I have included reversed meanings, but as I said in the 1st Adendum: to me, even an upright card can hold all possible interpretations (A lot will depend on the position of the card and the subject or situation you are Reading for.) For every card, ask yourself: Do I need to use the positive energy of this card? Or do I need to reduce the negative energy?


0. The Fool – Taking a Leap of Faith. Beginnings. Naivety. Innocence. Risk-taking behaviour. Trust. Good Fortune. Landing on your feet. Optimism. Free Spirit. Journey.

Reversed: Being either overly cautious or too reckless. Not having a safety-net. Being foolhardy . Making rash decisions. Manic behaviour. Not thinking things trough. Not taking a chance.

1. The Magician – Master of your own destiny. Skill. Aspiration. Creation. Manifestation. Confidence. Concentration. Craft. Rhetoric. Charisma. Inspiring.

Reversed: Manipulation. Abuse of Power. Deception. Slight-of-hand. Misdirection. Unused skills and power.

2. The High Priestess – Intuition. Psychic Power. Being in tune. Spiritual Development. Keeping records. Observance. Divine Feminine. Witch. Spirit Guide. Source. Hidden things. Occult knowledge. Awareness.

Reversed: Secrets. Lies. Not listening to your intuition. Hidden agenda.

3. The Empress – The Mother. Fertility. Abundance. Earth Goddess. Nurturing. Development. Ecology. Emancipation. Self-realisation. Empowering. Good parenting.

Reversed: Infertility. Not being in tune with Nature. Not nurturing your gifts. Creative block. Submission. No self-worth.

4. The Emperor – The Father. Authority. Law. Rules. Protection. Providing. Structure. Order. Masculine energy. Physical strength. Politics.

Reversed: Unbending. Rigid. Prescriptive. Stern. Overpowering. Controling. Dominating. Inflexible.

5. The Hierophant – Wise Teacher. Knowledge. Tradition. Religion. Morals. Formal education.

Reversed: Dogma. Indoctrination. Religious fanatic. Cult. Spiritual Freedom. Personal beliefs.

6. The Lovers – Romantic Love. Relationships. Sensuality. Desire. Attraction. Harmony. Falling in love. Soul mates.

Reversed: Hard Choices. Unrequited Love. Imbalance. Power-struggle. Putting yourself first. End of a relationship.

7. The Chariot – Direction. Action. Willpower. Guidance. Victory. Success. Determination. Discipline. Willpower. Hero.

Reversed: No Control. Feeling Lost. Lack of direction. Ruthless.

8. Strength – Compassion. Patience. Persuasion. Stamina. Bravery. Influence. Impulse control. Confidence.

Reversed: Coercion. Dependency. Insecurity. Self-doubt. Imposter Syndrome. Anger management.

9. The Hermit – Solitude. Introspection. Meditation. Enlightenment. Reflection. Inner guidance. Wandering. Taking stock.

Reversed: Loneliness. No insight. Avoidance. Isolation. No self-knowledge. Fear of being alone. Not taking time for yourself.

10. Wheel of Fortune – What goes up must come down. Odds are on your side. Changing Circumstances. Cycles. Seasons. Chance. Karma. Destiny. Fate. The Unknown. Turning point.

Reversed: Breaking a cycle. Deliberatly choosing a new direction. Resisting change. Bad luck. Luck of the draw.

11. Justice – Truth. Consequence. Fairness. Ethical Thinking. Decisions. Karmic Balance. Responsibility. Logic. Reason. Objectivity.

Reversed: unfairness. Dishonesty. Getting away with something. No accountability. Harsh punishment. Jumping to conclusions.

12. The Hanged Man – Perspective. Different point of view. Patience. Self-sacrifice. Empathy. Waiting. Thinking outside the box. Making a conscious effort. Letting go. Feeling vulnarable.

Reversed: Feeling indecisive. Unwilling to make a sacrifice. Stalling. Being stuck in your ways. Not being open-minded. Your world turning upside down.

13. Death – Mortality. Transformation. End of a cycle. Rebirth. Transition. Release. Loss. Grief. Permanent, dramatic change. The Unknown.

Reversed: Resistance to change. Not processing grief. Denial. Regret. Survival.

14. Temperance – Add some water to your wine. Balance. Moderation. Bringing opposing forces together. Mediation. Finding middle ground. Collaboration. Compromise. Mixture. Restraint. Food choices. Equilibrium.

Reversed: Arguments. Unbalanced. Excessive. Austerity. Eating disorder. Midlife crisis.

15. The Devil – Temptation. Addiction. Obsession. Over-Indulgence. Oppression. Bondage. Inner Demons. Unhealthy relationship. Co-dependency. Legally binding agreements. Shadow-self. Ignorance.

Reversed: Indulgence. Pleasure. Empowerment. Erotic enjoyment. Giving up limiting beliefs. Detachment. Soul-searching. Honesty. Free Will.

16. The Tower – Tearing down old structures to make way for new. Chaos. Downfall. Destruction. Despair. Crisis. Purge. Revelations. Violence. Trauma. Suicide.

Reversed: Averting disaster. Refusing to give up what no longer serves you. Compliance. Servitude. Opportunity. Seeing through false illusions. Welcoming big changes. Coming out of your Ivory Tower. Breaking down walls. Breaking down defense mechanisms.

17. The Star – Serendipity. Wishing. Hope. Renewal. Silver lining. Faith. Serenity. Inspiration. Positive thinking. Shine. Healing energy. Emotional release. Becoming a Star.

Reversed: No faith. Doubt. Hopelessnes. Losing your sparkle. Falling from grace.

18. The Moon – Hidden depths. Higher Consciousness. Mystery. Creativuty. Magic. Imagination. Dreams. Prophecy. Female Energy. Menstrual cycle. Puberty. Menopause. Gravitational pull. Evolution.

Reversed: Secrets. Drama. Not being in touch with your Femininity. No balance between your wild side (wolf) and tamed side (dog). Repressed emotions. Fear. Dark magic. Insomnia. Fear of the dark. Self-fullfilling prophecy.

19. The Sun – Happiness. Vitality. Warmth. Birth. Marriage. Positivity. The sky is the limit. Life. Unconditional love. Free Spirit.

Reversed: Blinded by the light. Flying too close to the sun. Getting burned. Feeling down. Pessimism. The sun might not shine tomorrow.

20. Judgement – Take a look in the mirror. Be held accountable. Reflection. Retribution. Forgiveness. Reconciliation. Restoration. Salvation. Healing old wounds.

Reversed: Being judgemental. Wanting revenge. Holding a grudge. Committing sins against another. No self-knowledge and awareness. Inner-critic.

21. The World – Completion. Fullfilment. Accomplishment. Integration. Wholeness. Anima Mundi. Holistic view. Travel.

Reversed: Delays. Segregation. Not embracing the whole. Not going where you want to be. Unfinished business. Not quite there yet. Need to get out of your comfort zone.


Ace of Wands – Summer. Time to act. Creativity. Inspiration. Enthusiasm. Adventure. Potential. Self-determination. Sexual spark.

Reversed: uninspired. Creative block. No spark. No motivation.

2 of Wands – Vision. Discovery. Invention. Making a Change. Start of a new venture. Future planning.

Reversed: No planning. Second-guessing yourself. Holding back. Fear of starting something new.

3 of Wands – Preparation. Expansion. Long term goals. Development. Enterprise. Foresight. Expanding horizons. Looking beyond. Finding like-minded people.

Reversed: Obstacles. No long term plan. Not being prepared. Losing momentum.

4 of Wands – Stability. Foundations. First results showing. New Home. Celebration. Marriage. Community.

Reversed: Communication breakdown. Lack of Harmony. Unstable homelife. Unsettled.

5 of Wands – Confrontation. Competition. Ambition. Struggle. Strife. Tension. Conflict.

Reversed: Avoiding conflicts. Agree to disagree.

6 of Wands – Triumph. Recognition. Pride. Accomplishments acknowledged. Reward. Being welcomed with open arms.

Reversed: Egotism. Fall from grace. Not being welcome. Not receiving the recognition you deserve.

7 of Wands – Standing your ground. Defending your beliefs. Speaking your truth. Bravery. Principles.

Reversed: Giving up. Backing down. Not standing by your beliefs. Jumping the gun. Bring overly defensive. Overreacting.

8 of Wands – Movement. Progress. News. Message. Swiftness. Determination. Visitors.

Reversed: No news. Frustration. Left hanging. Expected mail/text/email/phonecall does not arrive or is delayed.

9 of Wands – Self-preservation. Defense. Protection. Barriers. Safe-guarding. Self-respect. Resilience. Test of Faith.

Reversed: Attack. Offensive. Breaking down barriers. Not protecting yourself. Being vulnarable. Hesitation. Paranoia.

10 of Wands – Burden. Responsibility. Last big effort. Shouldering other people’s problems. Stress.

Reversed: Avoiding responsibility. Shirking your duty. Taking on too much. Laying down your burden.

Page of Wands – Announcement. Invitation. Enthusiastic. Risk-taking. Discovery. Exploring.

Reversed: Burn-out. Loss of Confidence. Pessimism. Feeling excluded.

Knight of Wands – Spontaneous. Exciting. Adventureous. Lust. Passion.

Reversed: Lewd behaviour. Impulsiveness. Frustration.

Queen of Wands – Attractive. Optimistic. Influencial. Sociable. Confident. Vibrant.

Reversed: Pushy. Haughty. Vain. Over-confident. Demanding.

King of Wands – Leadership. Innovation. Role-model. Mentor. Honorable.

Reversed: Bossy. Commandeering. Arrogant. Agressive. Setting the bar too high.


Ace of Cups – Spring. Emotions. Sympathy. Intuition. New beginnings. New love. Self-love. Overflowing cup. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Reversed: Being too full of yourself or what you are hanging on to from the past to let love in. No self-love. Repressed emotions. Not in touch with your emotions/intuition.

2 of Cups – Partnership. Respect. Connection. Union. Mutual attraction.

Reversed: Break-up. Disrespect. Not connecting. Drifting appart. Bad first impression.

3 of Cups – Celebration. Friendship. Community. Fun. Threesome. Polyamorie.

Reversed: 3 is a crowd. Third person in the relationship. Cheating. Not fitting in. Feeling excluded.

4 of Cups – Boredom. Feeling dissatisfied. Refusal. Saying “no”. Not accepting drinks from strangers. Ignoring. Not content with your lot. No motivation. Withdrawal. Apathy.

Reversed: Meditation. Contemplation. Restraint. Not accepting charity.

5 of Cups – Crying over spilled milk. Dissappointment. Regret. Loss. Sadness. Not appreciating what you have. Resignation.

Reversed: Realising what you have left. Counting your blessings. Moving on.

6 of Cups – Nostalgia. Sharing. Gifts. Kindness. Childhood. Appreciation. Memories. Innocence. Forgive and forget.

Reversed: Living in the past. No playfulness. Indifference. Selfishness.

7 of Cups – Illusion. Options. Difficult choices. Fantasy vs. Reality. Wishful thinking. Not all that glitters is gold. Choose wisely.

Reversed: Having no choice. Choosing badly. Making rash decisions. Not thinking things through. Overwhelming choice. Uninformed choice.

8 of Cups – Moving on. Searching for what is missing in your life. Leaving the past behind you. New horizons. Bitter-sweet goodbye.

Reversed: Running away. Not dealing with things. Abandonment. Regret. Escapism. Trying again. Not making a clean break.

9 of Cups – Physical satisfaction. Contentment. External happiness. Having more than enough. Gratitude.

Reversed: Smugness. Boasting. Not feeling satisfied. Being greedy. Materialism. Indulgence. Bring spoiled.

10 of Cups – Alignment. Strong connections. Loving home. Internal happiness. Bliss.

Reversed: Unhappy family. Relationship problems. Feeling disconnected.

Page of Cups – Message. Love letter. Secret admirer. Empathy. Sensitivity. Surprise. Affectionate. Possibilities. Admirer.

Reversed: Emotionally immature. No follow-through. Daydreamer. Not realistic. Deceptive.

Knight of Cups – Romance. Charm. Sweeps you off your feet. Imagination. Idealism. Lover.

Reversed: Serial seducer. One Night Stand. Incencere. Jealousy. Moodswings.

Queen of Cups – Emotional maturity. Insight. Intuitive. Empath. Comfort. Loving motherfigure. Wife. Safe haven. Compassion.

Reversed: Emotional manipulation. Selfish. Over-emotional. Co-dependent.

King of Cups – Diplomat. Mentor. Guide. Role-model. Loving fatherfigure. Husband. Emotional stability. Opposed to fanaticism.

Reversed: Detached. Emotionally distant. Repressed. Rigid. Emotional blackmail.


Ace of Swords – Winter. Potential for good. Clarity of thought. New way of thinking. Seeing the Truth. Cutting trough the BS. Break-through. Logic. Righteousness.

Reversed: Potential for evil. Sword of Damocles. Not cutting to the heart of things. Revenge. Clouded judgement.

2 of Swords – Indecision. Confusion. Dilemma. Hesitation. Weighing-up options. Maintaining the Status Quo. Procrastination.

Reversed: Stalemate. Unwillingness to decide. Complete Avoidance. Writers-block. You already know the answer deep inside.

3 of Swords – Heartache. Hurt. Tragedy. Heartbreaking choice. Grief. Self-harm. Negative inner-voice. Heart-surgery.

Reversed: Getting over it. Healing the heart. Self-love. Release.

4 of Swords – Rest and recuperation. Recovering from surgery. Time out. Recharging batteries. Silence before the storm. Rest before the next battle. Ongoing battle with chronic fatigue or illness.

Reversed: Exhaustion. Stagnation. Not recovering. Giving up the fight. Malingering. Hypochondria. Munchausen Syndrome.

5 of Swords – Winning, but at a cost. Not behaving with integrity. Entitlement. Hurting others to get where you want to go. Unethical behaviour. Jealous of other people’s success.

Reversed: Reconciliation. Admitting defeat. Bowing out gracefully.

6 of Swords – Receiving help to leave an undesirable situation. Releasing baggage. Coming up for air. Rite of passage. Transition.

Reversed: Not accepting help. Unfinished business. Not escaping. Clinging to what is not good for you. Going down with the ship.

7 of Swords – Stealth. Trickery. Cheating. Stealing. Plagiarism. Getting away with something.

Reversed: Imposter Syndrome. Letting others take credit for your ideas. Feeling like you did not earn the praise and credit you are getting.

8 of Swords – Feeling stuck. Confusion. Repression. Dismorphia. Not seeing your options. Self-imposed restriction. Victim-mentality. Inner-critic.

Reversed: Crossing boundaries. New perspective. Taking off your blindfold. Freeing yourself from self-limiting beliefs. Having your boundaries infringed upon.

9 of Swords – Things that go bump in the night. Nightmares. Fear. Anxiety. Distress. Depression. Insomnia. Premonitions. Bad omens. Phobias. Suicidal thoughts.

Reversed: Releasing worry. Tackling phobias. Getting psychological help. Finding healthier bedtime routines. Lucid dreaming.

10 of Swords – Being stabbed in the back. Betrayal. Crisis. Painful endings. Death. Accupuncture. Back problems. Complicated surgery.

Reversed: Liberation. Release from a cycle. Survivor. Recovery. Resisting the inevitable end of a situation.

Page of Swords – Investigation. Experimentation. Curious mind. Thirst for knowledge.

Reversed: Impulsive. Hasty. No follow-through. All talk but no action.

Knight of Swords – Taking swift action. Fast, clever thinking. Intelligence. Good at debates. Strong opinions. Ambitious.

Reversed:. Hot-headed. Un-focused. Argumentative. Uncompromising. Narcissistic tendencies. Stalker.

Queen of Swords – Sharp Mind. Cunning. Fair. Calculating. Thinking things through. Strong-minded. Self-assured. Mama-bear.

Reversed: Sharp tongue. Gossip. Tactless. Meddling. Full of herself. Bitchy. Helicopter-Parenting. Munchausen by Proxy.

King of Swords – Authorative. Regulator. Respected. Logical. Straightforward. Mental clarity.

Reversed: Abusive. Controlling behaviour. Unfair. Biased. Harsh. Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


Ace of Pentacles – Autumn. New career. Financial opportunity. Manifestation. Wealth. New goals. Logic.

Reversed: Lost opportunity. Break in your career. Not being practical. Dipping in to your savings.

2 of Pentacles – Work/life balance. Adaptation. State of flux. Prioritising. Time management.

Reversed: Stretched thin. Over-committed. Disorganised. Overworked. No time or no money.

3 of Pentacles – Teamwork. Collaboration. Implementing lessons. Listening to experienced workers.

Reversed: Working alone. Not taking advice. Team issues. Not singing from the same hymn-sheet.

4 of Pentacles – Saving for a rainy day. Conserving. Security. Self-preservation. Stagnation. Hoarding. Scrooge.

Reversed: Over-spending. Greed. Bad investments. Recklessness. Refusing financial help. Not getting a bank-loan.

5 of Pentacles – Hardship. Loss. Illness. Bad luck. Hard times. Being left out in the cold. Disadvantage. Discrimination. Want/Need. Spiritual Poverty. Destitute.

Reversed: Recovering from financial strain. Bouncing back. Finding Spiritual solace.

6 of Pentacles – Charity. Giving and receiving. Assistance. Sharing. Generosity. Being in a position to help. Accepting help. Needing help.

Reversed: Unpaid debts. Not repaying kindness. Selfishness. Refusing help.

7 of Pentacles – Tending crops. Investment. Review and evaluation. Sustainability. Environmentally sound. Rewarding.

Reversed: No long-term vision. Not sustainable. Bad for the environment. Limited success. No rewards.

8 of Pentacles – Honing your skills. Apprentice. Practice. Improvement. Repetition. Development. Applying yourself.

Reversed: Bored. Unaccomplished. Not skillful. Lack of input and practice. Lazy.

9 of Pentacles – Reaping rewards. Being self-sufficient. Relaxation. Independence.

Reversed: Work-obsessed. Not able to relax. Not happy with what you have. Dependent on others. No reliable income. Hustling. Jobs-worth.

10 of Pentacles – Comfortable life. Solid foundation. Inheritance. Contribution. Extended family. Wealth.

Reversed: Discomfort. No strong family ties. Being disinherited. Not making a contribution. The dark side of success.

Page of Pentacles – Skill-development. Career-choice. Opportunity. Study.

Reversed: Learning from failure. Having to be patient. Best laid plans going awry. Not getting the expected results.

Knight of Pentacles – Hard working. Steady. Dependable. Productivity. Disciplined. Realistic. Cautious. Grounded. Dedicated.

Reversed: Perfectionist. Workaholic. Lazy. Pessimistic. Stubborn.

Queen of Pentacles – Nurturing mother. Confidante. Warmth and comfort. Economic insight. Practical. Good housekeeping skills. Kitchen/Garden Witch.

Reversed: Career-driven. Seeking fame and fortune. Gold-digger. Overly thrifty. Overspending. Compulsive shopper. Shoplifting. Absent parent. Over-involved parent.

King of Pentacles – Provider. Family man. Financial security. Management.

Reversed: Status-obsessed. Keeping up with the Joneses. Bragging. Financially inept.


I hope you have found something useful here – wishing you a safe and insightful journey on the Tarot Path. I am open to questions should they arise. Namaste 🙏🏼


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