Tarot Lessons for Beginners: Adendum 3 – Jumpers and Stalkers

Since I have been receiving some questions regarding the phenomenon of Jumper Cards and Stalker Cards, I have decided to put out one more adendum to my lesson-plan and have a brief look at the significance of these occurrances.


Sometimes when you are shuffling your deck in preparation for your Reading, one or two cards can literally jump out and fall on the table.

If more than 2 cards fall out, it is likely that you were just shuffling a little too vigorously and you should put the cards back in the deck, calm yourself and reshuffle.

But what if you were not just being too quick, distracted or careless? You can still just shove these little rascals back in to the deck, sure! But maybe the cards are trying to convey an urgent message to you…

It is good practise to at least look at these cards and consider what they may be trying to tell you.

These cards may be related to the question you were about to address, or your deck may have just taken advantage of the opportunity to relay a message it feels you need to hear.

Example: You may be preparing to do a Reading about relationship-troubles you are experiencing. The Hanged Man jumps out as you shuffle. Is this card trying to tell you that you are not taking your partner’s view in to account? Are you expecting your partner to adapt to your routines without being willing to make some sacrifices yourself? Or is the card telling you to have patience as the issue will soon resolve itself?

If the Jumper Card does not immediately make sense to you, take a note of it and revisit the card later on. But don’t just ignore it!


These are cards that continuously show up in your Readings, Daily Draws, as Jumper Cards or in images/songs/books/stray thoughts you encounter in your day-to-day life.

Stalker Cards are one of the reasons why it is a good idea to keep a record of your Readings. This way, you will be more likely to notice recurring cards and will also be able to remember in which situations these cards come up.

A Stalker Card will keep visiting you until you pay attention to the lesson it is trying to teach you.

It may literally just want you to study that particular card! Maybe you have not fully grasped it’s meaning, or it wants you to review and expand your knowledge/interpretation.

But often the card is pointing out what energy is missing in your life, which attributes you should acknowledge, what characteristics in your personality should be amplified or kept in check…

For example: you have drawn the 6 of Swords 3 times this week during your daily draws. What is going on for you lately? Maybe you are feeling really stressed in your relationship, you know it is no longer working out and it would be better to walk away. A friend has tried to talk to you about the situation and has even offered you come and stay with her for a few days to get some distance and time to think. But you are not accepting the help she is offering you to get out of a painful situation because you still love your partner, despite them treating you badly.

When you notice you are being stalked by a particular card, but you can not give it a place or understand why, this is what you can do:

Study – take a good look at the image on the card. Look up the same card in other decks. Read your Guidebooks or use online resources to get a fuller understanding of what this card might mean to you. It is possible that just one word or turn of phrase you encounter will give an Aha!-moment and the card will suddenly make sense to you.

Ask – pull clarifying cards. Do a spread about the card, asking why it is following you and what you can learn from it. You can also choose to use a pendulum over the card in question, asking for more information.

Check deck sequence – within the structure of Tarot, which card comes right before your Stalker Card and which card follows it? The first card may indicate a situation you are stuck in, the Stalker Card can show you what needs to be done to get un-stuck, the following card shows the changed situation you need to move on to.

For example: If your Stalker Card is the 6 of Swords, the 5 of Swords may tell you that you are stuck in a relationship where you continuously hurt eachother, the whole relationship has become a struggle with both of you trying to get the upper-hand even if that means drawing blood! Your Stalker Card is trying to warn you to get out before something really bad happens, and it is reminding you that there are people who would support you if you decide to leave. Once you have left, you will be able to look back objectively and see that you were not being honest with eachother, maybe one or both of you were cheating, or one person was taking advantage, using the other but not genuinely loving them.

I hope this brings some clarification about these type of cards and has given you some ideas as to how you can use them.



    1. Why thank you! The Adendums are just to address those things I had not included in my Lessons but people have been asking me for information so I thought I would do some additional write-ups 🤗 Tarot is such an extensive subject, there is always more to explore! Xx

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