Seriously DV?

What on earth has happened to Doreen Virtue?

Long known for her considerable list of oracle decks, angel cards and certification programmes (being sold to millions of people around the world) she has now made a complete U-turn and is condemning all “New Age Practices” as “the work of the Devil” – demons are lurking in every nook and crannie, using everything at their disposal to lead you astray… from Tarot to Crystals, Yoga to Chakras, Affirmations to The Law of Attraction, Harry Potter to Horoscopes…, according to DV any of these will send you to hell.

This is about more than just “finding God” – someone has great influence over her… It would be funny if it was not so sad, it sounds like she had some sort of mental breakdown – not sure what else could explain this?

I am not a fan of Doreen’s work but have to admit even I own not 1 but 2 of her decks from way back when I was still trying to find my feet in the wonderous world of Divination… a lot of people really love her work though so I can only imagine their confusion now. Especially those who are vulnerable.

Here’s a link to DV’s list of what to avoid. Read it at your own peril because if you are anything like me you will run through the whole gamut of emotions, from disbelief to indignation.

What’s your thoughts?


        1. She seems to be under a lot of pressure from her new community to make these statements and renounce her past, personally I don’t care for fanaticism of any kind… but I don’t think that is why I had such a strong reaction against this, she is entitled to believe what she wants but the way she is doing it affects other people too – people who have built their livelihood on certificates gained through her course etc might be affected – young or vulnarable people who looked up to her and found some guidance and solace in working with her cards are now being told to burn them or go to hell… I struggle with that.

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          1. Yes, I agree! It is irresponsible of her. I will not struggle — I love her Fairy Deck and have used it for years. It is like the cards (or crystals, or any practice) become personal to us and other opinions do not matter — even if it is that of the original creator. But I agree with you — to the younger and more vulnerable of the community, this could be devastating. Hopefully all folk can come into their own and learn to trust their hearts and instincts.

            It is a great post! I was not even aware of this with DV.

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  1. Hey babe, that’s what I was referring to in my blog post title “some of my thoughts on god” or whatever I titled it. LOL. It was what I wrote to Christine Betts about, because she asked me what I thought of the whole debacle. Hahaha.

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  2. I imagine that she did have some life altering event that caused her to rethink her entire life. NDE? Death of someone one close? Fell in love with a Preacher? 😉 Whatever the cause, I feel sad that she moved in the direction of closing herself off and limiting her beliefs so much. It seems like a huge step backwards in a Soul’s evolution.

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    1. I agree – SOMETHING has happened to her, no doubt. But what she is doing seriously makes me worry about her mental health. And she just invalidated all the folks who bought het decks or followed her training programmes, maybe built their business on the certificate they gained? Because whatever people say now, she WAS a big name in this area of divinatation!

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      1. It makes me worry less about her mental health and more about her intentions going into her career path in the first place. The only thing I can think is maybe she was exploiting rather than intentionally helping and she’s renouncing that, without realising how much her products did help people.

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  3. I read that last week and like you, I’m not a DV fan. There’s something about the amount of books that were produced and her rhetoric that generally put me off early on. I think that she’ll return to oracle cards, and probably find a way of weaving her past business with her new faith or whatever, when she sees her income dry up. But who knows, maybe she’ll do even better on this path. Best of luck to her, but she probably would have done better by just swapping to a pen name rather than publicly denouncing herself.

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    1. Yes, but as I said before – you and I might just shake our heads and forget about it, but some youngsters (who, let’s face it, her unicorn and fairy decks would have greatly appealed to) and vulnerable people may be very adversly affected by someone who they trusted in and looked up to making these kind of statements – I don’t care how many times she repeats “We are not judging you”, she’s still telling them they’ll suffer in hell for finding comfort in their spiritual practices… sigh.


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