Relationship Combo-Spread

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovely souls out there!

Here’s a Spread I made using a combination of Tarot, Runes and Oracle cards!

My daughter is the Love of my life, so this spread looks in to the relationship I have with her.

The Tarot cards look at who I am to my daughter, who she is to me, and what kind of relationship we have.

The Runes describe our hopes, desires and dreams.

The Oracle card looks at our Relationship as a whole and what we have to be grateful for.

Tarot:Me: Queen of Pentacles – I am my daughter’s safety net; I provide a warm home-base for her where she is nurtured (body & soul) and she can thrive. I make sure she has a comfortable home where she is fed, clothed, gets enough sleep, her talents are encouraged and developed and she knows she is loved unconditionally.

Maya: Queen of Cups – My daughter is 4, and everything is felt deeply on an emotional level – she teaches me to be mindful of how things FEEL rather than how practical they are. Seeing the world through her eyes is a joy, I can see how kindness, comfort and love are the most important qualities to nurture.

Relationship: 2 of Cups – We have a warm, supportive relationship where honesty and reliability matter. We are secure in the knowledge that we love eachother, no matter what. We treat each other with respect and kindness.

Runes:Me: GEBOBalance, Partnership, Gifts – My biggest hope is that I can continue to provide a stable home for Maya where she knows she is loved. It is hard sometimes as a single mum and Maya struggles with her dad’s abcense but I think she knows we are a team and together we can conquer all. She is the biggest Gift in my life and I will always cherish her.

Maya: WUNJOJoy, Comfort, Pleasure – My daughter is a veritable well of emotions, being 4 means that Reason and Practicality are much lower on her list of priorities than how she Feels about things. As long as she can laugh, feel good and is enjoying her day, she is happy. Of course there are times when she feels sad, angry, upset or unwell but as long as I remember to listen to her emotions and validate them rather than shaming her for tears or tantrums, we can get through it all.

Relationship: LEGUZRenewal, Birth, Motherhood – Before I had Maya I thought I knew how Mothers felt about their children. I was wrong. I was not prepared for how deep this Love runs. It still catches me by surprise at times! Becoming a Mother was certainly the beginning of a new life for me, a Rebirth if you like – I was no longer just Tania, now I am Mama as well. Motherhood has it’s ups and downs, it’s trials and tribulations, but I am forever changed since giving Birth to my daughter and I hope to never lose sight of the Wonder of her đŸ’–


Relationship: Abundance – We have a lot to be thankful for in our relationship. We may not be rich, financially speaking, but we have more than enough. We have a warm, comfortable flat, a large loving family to support us, enough food and clothes, and little luxuries such as toys, books and ice-cream to share. There is an abundance of Love in our home and we are not shy about it! Hugs, cuddles, kisses and words of comfort and encouragement are shared freely. It is important for me not to lose sight of these Blessings, as I often feel like I should do better as a Mum and question wether I am enough…


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