Double Decker Interview

These are 2 decks that have been in my possession for a while, but I never got around to doing a deck interview for either of them.

So I decided to kill two metaphorical birds with one stone and see what they have to say about each other!

The Tattoo Tarot is a Marseille style deck, the images very much 2 dimensional, with non illustrated pips – where as The Golden Tarot uses a collage of medieval artwork, combined to make up many-layered cards with depth and detail. The 2 decks could not really be more different.

But, seeing as the decks were ordered and delivered together and are stored next to one another, I’m thinking they have had some time to check each other out…

I did not want to over-complicate things by working with 2 full decks, therefore I used Majors only. Let’s see what came out!

My questions were simple:

1. What do you think about the other deck?

2. What do you feel are it’s strengths?

3. What do you consider it’s weakest quality?

Question 1:Tattoo about Golden The Hierophant: I think it is a classic style deck with Traditional meanings, but enough new interpretations to keep you on your toes and keep you learning. The use of religious imagery may colour your interpretation of certain cards.

Golden about TattooStrength: This is a strong deck with a lot of integrity, making bold statements and able to back them up with well constructed arguments. It will showcase your abilities and encourage self-belief.

Question 2:Golden on Tattoo The Chariot: This deck has a clear sense of direction and will guide you on your path with a firm hand. It will not give you mixed messages and will expect some bravery in return. Be prepared for some home truths!

Tattoo on GoldenJustice: The Golden Tarot has an impeccable sense of right or wrong. It will strongly oppose any injustice and will urge you to be accountable for the choices you make. It will show you the best way of reaching your goals whilst assuring your actions do not compromise the Greater Good.

Question 3:Tattoo on GoldenThe Moon: This deck is not the best at connecting with your dreams, fears and desires. It does not do well with secrets and lies, preferring to give advice based on facts only and have them all out in the open to be examined in detail.

Golden on Tattoo The Hermit: The Tattoo Tarot lacks certain details that you need to truly connect with your Inner Self – rather than making you face inward to seek answers from within, this deck will examine all outside forces and base it’s advice on obstacles, pitfalls or supportive forces found there.

From my experiences with these 2 decks, the replies they gave about each other seem to be accurate – so I guess my little experiment worked!



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