Supermoon Tarot Spread

Tomorrow’s full moon will be the largest and brightest of the year!

Traditionally known as The Snow Moon, this February 19th moon will appear so large because her eliptical path brings her closer to Earth – The stronger pull of this Supermoon will cause higher High Tides and lower Low Tides than average – seeing as we consist of around 60% water, we too will feel the pull…

This may affect each of us differently, from disturbed sleeping-patterns to emotional imbalances or bursts of inspirational energy – but the best course of action is to be prepared and stay grounded!

Let’s find out how to keep our energy in check…

This spread can be used for any full moon, but is especially helpful here where the effects are felt so clearly – Here are my results!

1. High Tide: 4 of Cups – I may feel more dissatisfied with my lot, due to being more accutely aware of what is lacking in my life. I can counter the inclination to withdraw and sulk by counting my blessings and making a conscious effort to raise my vibrations, setting my sights on what is within my reach.

2. Low Tide: Temperance – my usual calmness and ability to act as a moderator for my own thoughts and feelings may be impaired. I need to stay aware of the outside influences that are causing these moodswings and not let myself be pulled down in to a spiral of negativity.

3. Balance: 8 of Pentacles: Sticking to routines and rituals can help me stay focussed during this time – practising my Tarot skills and continuing my studies will help ground and center my wayward energies. I can use crystals to help me, as well as physical contact with the Earth energy depicted in this card – time to find some grass and earth beneath my bare feet, go hunting for nice rocks and stones with my daughter, and plenty of cuddles with the cat!

Snow Moon Blessings to all!



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