Tarot for Today ~ 28/02/19

TAROT FOR TODAY – your daily message from the cards!


There’s Wisdom in Waiting – There’s Perspective in Patience – There’s Salvation in Sacrifice.

In this age of mobile phones, internet, online shopping, fast food and faster cars, we are all about instant gratification.

Nobody wants to wait anymore.

Everything should come easy and fast and we are not willing to wait, stick it out, put in the effort,… This impatience also extends to our interpersonal relationships.

Sometimes we forget how to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, how to try and look at things from their point of view, even if it is uncomfortable.

Well, sometimes we NEED to be uncomfortable! Nobody ever changed the world from a comfy armchair in a cosy room! We need to put ourselves out there, in vulnarable positions, to really look at the world around us and see how we can make a difference.

So, like Odin – hanging himself upside down from The World Tree for 9 days, in order to gain the Knowledge, Wisdom and Power of the Runes – we have to make some sacrifices if we truly want to gain something worthwile.

True knowledge does not come from Google, you can not find Truth at the click of a button – go outside your comfort zone and experience life first hand, the lessons learned and friendships earned this way will matter – and they will stick!

(Deck: The Vivid Journey Tarot) – 28/02/19

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